Santa Clarita Diet season 2

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My wife and I had watched season one and loved it. When season two came along, we had forgotten enough of it and binged season one again. Still hilarious.

Season two was better than the first.

Sure, it depends on season one for its setup but it was so funny! We laughed so much!

Anyone else watch it? Thoughts?

My wife and I are maybe halfway through (just watched the episode where Joel scopes out and kills Gerald McRaney), and I do really like this show. My mother-in-law is visiting, and she hadn’t even heard of this show prior to tonight, but she watched episodes 3-5 of season 2, and liked it a lot, even with just a brief summary to get her up to speed. It’s just a funny show no matter your history with it.

I don’t want to like Timothy Olyphant, but I just can’t help but laugh at him. I’m glad that solving the mystery isn’t necessarily front and center in the show, but rather the bizarreness of the situation, and the family’s reaction to it, dominates. Sure, they’re on a mission to figure all of this out, but what makes it appealing and bingeable is them adjusting to their new life.

Season 1 thread

I watched the first season and I thought it was not bad, but kind of hit-and-miss. I thought Timothy Olyphant’s performance was too broad, though – like he was doing a poor Don Knotts imitation. If season 2 is funnier, I’ll put it on my list.

I’ve only season the first episode of this season. That’s an interesting thought on Timothy/Don. Make sense. I’m not sure I know him from anywhere else, but at least here, I think he does a really good job of maintaining a “what the fuck are you doing know, fuck my life” every time he turns around and she’s doing something new.

And I don’t know where it’s going to go, but I’m curious if the convenience store girl* thing was planned from the get go, an afterthought or if they just kept her around with the plan of doing something with her (it also makes for a good extra character if the writers get backed into a corner).

*Like I said, I’m just at the first episode, so all I know of her is that she’s showing an interest in the kid and she has a body in the freezer.

Thanks for the responses! I never saw the season one thread, so will have to read that.

I don’t think comparing Olyphant to Knotts would have occurred to me. Probably due to the cursing. I only know Knotts from Andy Griffith show and Three’s Company and even then, it’s been decades since I watched those. Very interesting. Got a specific clip or show so I can look that up?

I didn’t warm up to Olyphant until late into Deadwood. He seemed to just be mad all the time for his acting, and it annoyed me. I don’t think it made sense to me until the end. Haven’t seen him in much else but this and he nails this for me. So funny.

My wife and I think the daughter steals the show, she does so well.

@Happy - OMG, yes! Loved that scene! So good with the ambiguity!

Oh, wow. Completely forgot about Olyphant in Justified. I was leery about watching it due to Deadwood and he did manage to impress me in it, so that was good.

Read the season one thread and since I like it, felt like some comments were harsh on acting or premise but okay. I get it and that’s fine. I enjoyed it!

I thought the second season was excellent. This isn’t a show that’s ever going to make it into the pantheon of truly great TV shows, but it executes what it aims for nearly perfectly. It’s always funny, and does a wonderful job of continuing to advance the mystery storyline without overwhelming the character stuff, and without dragging things out past the point of reason.

It’s the very definition of “bingeworthy”.

A lot of Netflix shows crash for S2. While I didn’t like it as much as S1, the drop off was negligible.

I am about their age and while my lifestyle and situation is very different, I find them relatable and the writers do a good job of portraying us starting-to-age Gen Xers. Usually we’re too old or too young in our habits and interests and this nails that 40s thing well.

Except for the zombie stuff, of course.

I wonder if Ramona moving to Seattle was supposed to be a nod to iZombie.

I just binge-watched season 2 over Easter Weekend (how seasonally appropriate*). There was no drop and quality from season 1; I can’t wait for season 3. Also I have a craving for clams in red sauce.
*Especially given how the finale ended w/ Anne literally kneeling before her new messiah, Sheila, in reverence. :wink:

I’m only just starting with S2E1, but already Timothy Olyphant is in fine form.

  • "If this helps you be less murder-y, that’s great. My concern is if someone sees you running around snatching rabbits like a coyote in yoga pants, they might start asking questions. Like, WTF IS THAT?!"*

Holy shit! I just realized that…

…if zombie clams can apparently still reproduce could zombie humans? Eric had sex with Ramona thrice, but only had one condom with him. Possible subplot for season 3?

A)I’m trying to work out a good yes or no, but I don’t know. I guess it’s their story and their rules. B)They do have a lot of Chekhov’s guns (or, I suppose, foreshadowing in general). Really, there’s not much reason why they couldn’t have just had those handful of clams in the tank in the living room be the infected ones. I’m not seeing a good reason why that would drastically alter the plot. They probably spent a not insignificant amount of money creating that set or going on location to a fish breeder to film. I don’t usually think about that kind of stuff, but now that you mention it, that could be a good reason.

Well, a much simpler answer is that (no idea why this is in spoilers, but…)

the clams aren’t zombies. It’s not like they started as normal clams and then something infected them and now they have body parts falling off and vomit a lot. They’re something else, and part of their deal is turning humans into zombies

Those clams are pretty badass, and the explosion in the farm might have just scattered them around the neighborhood. I’m wondering whether some were blown clear and will be eaten by wildlife. Zombie coyotes would be troublesome.

The clams sure seem undead. They’re aggressively cannibalistic and can only be killed by fire or presumably by being pulverized (since bivalves don’t’have brains).

Another thing to be address in season 3 is…

…what exactly are the red balls with legs that zombies vomit up. Did they ever account for Gary’s or is it just running around in the desert?

I love this show and thought Season 2 was just as great, if not better, than Season 1. I wasn’t sure Raylan Givens / Seth Bullock would have been able to pull off such a comedic milquetoast character, but he’s flawless.

That’s how I felt about S1, but I’m liking S2 a lot more.
Olyphant’s on my list of underappreciated/underutilized actors.

Lots of good discussion here! Thanks!

So many questions! So far, they have done a good job of focusing on the effects on Joel, Sheila, and Abby, plus Eric. To that end, we know what they know, which isn’t much. We know the infection is something from Serbia, specifically the clams, but that’s about it. We don’t know if it’s widespread or if it just started due to what we find out in season 2.

But, I’m loving the journey! So many good lines!

“Abby, you’re in charge of supper.”
“Okay, and being in charge, I’m telling you to get food from that Thai takeout.”
“I just got played.”

Not verbatim, I’m sure, but I love those little moments!

I’m torn between wanting to find out more about the mythology or just dealing with Joel and Sheila more. I suppose as long as its good either way, I don’t care!


I’d just finished Episode 10 last night. I knew some sort of resolution of Joel and Sheila’s confrontation with Anne was coming (the show wouldn’t be that good if they were in jail or on the run), but I wasn’t expecting a new religion to come out of it.