If you're not watching iZombie, you should be!

It just wrapped up the 2nd season last night, and it was a heckuva finale: funny, action-packed, dramatic. Despite the fact that it’s on The CW and probably aimed at people half my age, I can honestly say I enjoy this show much more than I enjoy that *other * zombie show.

Yeah, watching the first season on Netflix was fun. When’s season 2 coming out?

I’ve been watching since the beginning (missed last night, because I didn’t realize it was two hours, but I’m watching it online right now). Definitely a treat (and I do think that the CW has some of the best shows on TV – and I’m in my 60s).

That finale was off the charts. I’m glad i didn’t give it up when i got tired of Major getting shit on every episode.

It might be my favorite show on TV right now. I look forward to it more than just about any other show. It’s goofy but also fairly serious at the same time in the same way Veronica Mars was goofy but very serious (it’s not quite Veronica Mars serious.) Very solid finale too. Good to see they aren’t afraid to take the show in new directions.

The season 2 finale kicked some serious ass- definitely one of the better season finales I’ve seen.

And good news! It’s been renewed for season 3!

My favorite show currently on television.

Well it’s definitely the best zombie based show on television.

Though now it seems it’s Ravi’s time in the box.

This season was pretty good, for the most part. McGyver doesn’t get credit for how versatile an actress she is, assuming a new personailty every week, and they’ve had some fun ones this season. I don’t care for Blaine, but the “God Call” ending when Mr. Boss tried to take him out was one of my favorites. I’m curious how the new direction will work out next season. I’m a bit surprised the show was renewed, as there doesn’t seem to be much of a following. Then again, Supernatural is still going…

It’d be a great show to binge-watch, too. I actually find that I have questions, some probably pretty dense, that come out of the fact that I’ve been watching every episode(from the pilot) as they air.

Here are some questions, which I’ll spoil-box since this is about getting new folks on board. I’d love answers/thoughts:

  1. Was Vaughn Du Clark(who we call Max Rager at home) basically doing everything he was doing to cure zombieism?

1a. If so, was this mainly to cure his daughter? Or was it because something in Max Rager caused the disease and he’s afraid of being sued?

1b. Also if so, was he just a douche-bag by nature, 'cause curing zombiism(heck, even causing it) doesn’t mean you are evil or douchebaggy.

  1. What in Max Rager caused zombiism and are we to believe it is the only cause? If so, I guess zombies only exist where Max Rager has been on the market.

  2. Did Blaine fully recover his memories, or was the a reset of his character? My wife and I couldn’t remember if he is faking amnesia at this point or if they are sticking with the storyline. Or if he got them back and we missed it.

3a. If he has been reset, do you find that lame? I want evilish Blaine back.


  1. I’d say he was doing everything he was doing in order to keep his successful business going, he was not trying to cure zombiism for any altruistic reason.

1a. He very clearly did not give much of a shit about his daughter, at that point he was afraid of jeopardizing the sale of his company for 1 billion, but fear of being sued or even tossed in jail was his primary driving force before that.

1b. Yes, complete asshole who only cared about money, and also image i guess.

  1. Max Rager alone caused violent and volatile behavior, it lead to some murders early in season 1. Max Rager combined with tainted utopium caused the original zombies, which then cause most of the rest.

  2. It looks to be honest complete memory loss and he hasn’t got them back as far as we know.

3a. I liked definitely evil Blaine more (he was not evilish, he was completely rotten) but i am fine with the cure having a serious drawback that makes it a questionable solution instead of an easy call. [/spoiler]

Thanks. Follow ups.

  1. Think the writers just decided to reboot Blaine so they can keep him in the show, transitioning him to protagonist? I think they did not foresee how much they would love him when they had him killing and selling brains back in S1. Shame.

I think my favorite and funniest moment this year was Blaine pretending to be old and attempting to convince his father time had passed. “Oh, Dad, the years! We missed so much time together!!!”

  1. This is another point I missed due to length of time between episodes. How did the utopium end up in Max Rager? Was it part of his new line of Max Rager that was extra potent or did something else happen? Where does the utopium come from?

4. Agreed, he is a pretty great character.

  1. Utopium is a drug with similar effects to extacy, it is sold by the mob boss “Mr. Boss” and by Blaine. One particular dealer made a tainted bunch by cutting it with something else, this tainted bunch combined with Max Rager caused zombiism at the boat party that turned Liv and Blaine and then later at the Max Rager party during the finale. As far as i know we don’t know what else was put into that utopium, but it is the combination of all three things that results in zombies (drug + Max Rage + whatever was cut into the drug). The utopium wasn’t actually put into the Max Rager, people at both parties just happened to be consuming both things independently[/spoiler]

Thank you to DigitalC for clarification. I need a nice re-watch sometime, or perhaps I just need to pay more attention. :slight_smile:

…I did give up because I got tired of Major getting shit on every episode. I’ll take this comment as a “I gave up at the wrong time, come back to the fold?”

I wasn’t really into the Max Rager storyline. I thought it was a distraction from going after Mr Boss. But damn if that wasn’t a kick-ass finale. I was also amused that they killed Rob Thomas, the musician, when a different Rob Thomas is creator of the show.

Having never heard of the musician, it took me awhile to realize this was anything but a joke on the creator of the show. I didn’t realize this was anything but a fake musician with the same name as the creator of the show.

that is good news.

TWD - I’m looking at you - THIS is how you do a ‘cliffhanger’ that brings people back.

Yes, promising a powerful, impactful event and then making us wait for it is bad cliffhanger. Having one that evolves naturally from the story, while providing closure on major issues, is quality.

Am I the only one that was shocked we got two episodes in one night and that they served as the season finale? I don’t watch commercials.

There are a number of fourth wall-breaking easter eggs throughout the series. Like the time Liv quoted the theme song to Veronica Mars, “We used to be friends, a long time ago.” In another episode, Liv said how much she liked the Power Rangers, especially the yellow one.

Rob Thomas (not the musician) also created Veronica Mars. Rose McIver also played the yellow Power Ranger.