iZombie - anyone else planning to watch?

It’s a new show from Rob Thomas, creator and writer of Veronica Mars. It has been compared to a Buffy/Veronica Mars kind of show and I’m kind of excited to hear about it.

Is anyone else going to watch it?

EW says:

I am looking forward to it.

I read the whole its a murder procedural where the main character gets parts of the dead person’s personality and memories from eating their brains and I was immediately in. I want to watch something that nuts (I’m a fan of “Sleepy Hollow” after all).

A pretty positive review

I misread the initial “i” as an upside-down exclamation point. I thought they were going to be Spanish-speaking zombies. “Sesooooooooooooos!”

I read the original comic series and kinda liked it ( it managed to garner an Eisner nomination ), though it went a little over the top a little too quickly for my tastes. Still, yeah - I’m going to give it a shot.

Hell yeah. Rob Thomas rocks.

I didn’t like the comic series (despite finding the premise interesting and loving Mike Alred’s stuff in general)…so, probably not. I might give it a chance to see if they make more of the premise, but it’s live action, so one of the redeeming points (the art) will be lost, so…

Only mildly interested until you reminded me Rob Thomas is involved. So now I am recording it.


The AV Club also gave it a pretty positive review, but says that it’s almost entirely unrelated to the source material comics. So maybe that’s a plus for Kamino Neko?

I’ll definitely give it a shot if it has some Veronica Mars/Buffy vibe action going.

I haven’t read the comic, but what I have read is that it has very little to do with the comic. There’s a vaguely similar premise and the protagonist looks the same. That’s mostly it.

Allred seems very pleased with the show, though.

Hmm. In light of that I suppose I’ll at least give it a shot.

I’ll give the pilot a shot because I’m a fan of Rose McIver, but from the previews I suspect this show is a procedural. I can’t stomach procedurals.

Worst mis-matched cop buddy procedural ever made or just in the top ten? Discuss.

Ok, that was really, really fun! I’m definitely watching the season - fun, WTF concept; good, humorous dialogue; good acting; super quirky - what’s not to love?

A decent concept, not the worst execution I’ve ever seen. I probably won’t make it a must-see, but I’ll watch it again.

I wasn’t thrilled but If I’m home, I’ll watch.

Pretty good start I thought. We missed Agents of SHIELD for this so both shows are competing for our viewing attention.

I liked it. I didn’t know which way they we’re going to go with it. The crime procedural is fine with me. (Although I’m not a “marshmallow”, I did like Veronica Mars a lot.)

The premise is inventive. If the program STAYS inventive, I’ll stay with it. If the main premise (as stated above) is all they’ve got, then I’ll probably get bored and quit it.



If they keep up the level of writing, it may redeem itself. Otherwise, its another cop-and-supernatural-entity-solve-crimes show, a’la cop/vampire, cop/werewolf, cop/immortal, etc.

Wait… there was a cop/vampire show?!

I think they’ll stick with the cop/zombie thing for a bit until the show gets its footing (though the whole taking on personalities of brain food is quite interesting in and of itself) before branching out in new inventive directions.