Sara Gideon's maiden/married name

So after watching Sara Gideon speak at the DNC last night, I wikied her to learn more about her. I noticed it doesn’t mention a maiden name, nor does it mention her parents’ names. But it does mention she’s married to Benjamin Gideon.

So I Google some more to find another bio on her, and come across this news site from her high school, taking about her run for Senate. They show old yearbook photos where she’s listed as… Sara Gideon.

So did her husband take her name when they got married, or did she happen to marry a guy with the same last name as her?

Good question. I hadn’t realized her dad was from India and her mom from Armenia: I suspect she took her husband’s last name at marriage, and photos of her earlier in life simply are captioned with her current name.

Her Wiki bio:

This article names her husband as Benjamin Rogoff:

Apparently, the husband took her name and at least sometimes goes by Ben(jamin) Rogoff Gideon.

Here’s a blog written by his aunt that mentions her nephew’s wife is running for office as Sarah Gideon and here’s a voters guide
that refers to him as Benjamin Rogoff Gideon. There’s actually lots of stuff online from lawyer directories to his grandmother’s obit that makes it clear his surname at birth was Rogoff.

There is no way they changed the captions on those school photos - if they had just printed the 1989 photos with new captions, maybe they would have used a current name rather than the one she used in high school. But they basically took a photo of the yearbook page with the original captions , and added new captions like " From the 1989 EGHS yearbook.

Thanks for the info! I knew if the the answer was out there, somebody here would be able to find it.

Just one more reason to love the Dope!