Man names newborn daughter Sarah McCain Palin-without consulting wife

Rest of the story here.

Apparently, he’s doing so to “get the word out.” He claims he has a lawn sign, but he feels this will be a good thing to do, since he can’t contribute financially. Huh?
Now, before anyone attacks me for being partisan, I’d say the same for someone who named their kid after Obama/Biden without consulting the other spouse. What the hell? So in the heat of the moment, you turn your kid into an election billboard? Ouch.

And besides – just how much time on the campaign trail will young Sarah be able to log in the next three weeks? How does this “get the word out,” other than (I’ll try to be non-partisan) suggesting that McCain-Palin attract some dubious-judgment followers?

So he’s done this for an election that will take place in a month? What’s the kid going to do after that?

That girl is going to be so liberal when she grows up that Keith Olberman will take time out on his show to periodically tell her to tone it down a notch and Rachel Maddow will have to take out a restraining order against her.

Ava Grace is a nice name, too.

Yeah, now see, why couldn’t he, if he was that enthusiastic, name her Sarah Ava Grace, if he HAD to? That could work.

Yeah… I could see a new mother having difficulty accepting that kind of revelation. If it’s any consolation, Mrs. Ciptak, I also hope that this story isn’t real.

“–I mean, I guess I could have bought a bumper sticker for the SUV, but those things can really mess up the paint.”

Because that wouldn’t be published in the newspaper, available on the internet and talked about on a message board.

If this were my husband, he’d soon be an ex-husband or dead. Or both.

That would probably make the news…

I like the “I took one for the cause.” As I read on an LJ community I belong to, “YOU didn’t take one for the cause-YOUR KID did!”

Okay, all joking aside, it wouldn’t really be that huge of a deal for me. I’d be annoyed, and I’d tell everyone what a twit he was, but then I’d order the proper forms for a name change and submit them - perhaps after the election, if I was a Palin supporter too.

It’s an infant’s name. These things are not permanent in our country.

I’m an equal opportunity murderer. I’d kill him if he did this with Barack Obama/Biden etc.

You’re quite reasonable–I’m much more testy.
And I’m reminded of Bertie Wooster all of a sudden: In reference to another character’s horrible name, Bertie turns to Jeeves and says, “By George, there’s some raw work done at the font, Jeeves.”
Classic. Poor baby. At least Sarah is not a horrid name…

Birth certificates can be amended, the name part at least. I hope the wife is aware of this.

My father has two middle names, and somehow one of those got put down as his first, or given name, on the certificate. There’s an small card, with another seal, clipped to the birth certificate, noting the change and the “real” name.

The girl could have it worse. McCain could have picked Tim Pawlenty.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t give those initials to any daughter of mine. :wink:

Anyone know Diogenes’s real name? He has a new daughter— said he was going with Kali, but perhaps he figured one goddess of death was as good as another.

Kali…? Real sweet of him to name his daughter as a goddess who got a severed head in one hand and some weapons on the other…

Would you pick at her on the playground? I think not.

Why should he “consult” his wife?