Woman makes stupid choice, gets mad at results

Remember the airline agent recently who laughed at a girl’s name?

A pregnant woman’s family made fun of the name she had picked out for her child. Much huffiness and drama ensued.


Not too surprisingly, she managed to miss the whole point. Kudos to her family for trying to head off this nonsense at the pass.

I was in the same dormitory at college with a gentleman whose first name was “Governor.” At least that’s what he went by. I don’t know if it was short for anything.

He went on to have a successful law career, so apparently it didn’t hold him back in any obvious way. On the other hand, he never became an actual governor.

Had a dorm-mate with the first name of “Prince.” No, not the late recording artist. And this was back in 1972, so obviously not inspired by His Purpleness, either.

When I was working at NAS Jax, we hired an engineer whose first name is Major. And one of the welders was named “General Lee” - for reals - not a fake name. In a different office was a secretary who named her daughters Star and Sparkle, and another woman, last name Winters, who named her daughter Stormie.

Each to his own, I guess…

I grew up with a very unusual surname. Married to a simple last name, that also is the name of an object. I’ll take the unusual one. My married name is often made fun of, and mis-spelled into a dirty word.

That’s it? Squire Sebastian Senator? All things considered, I don’t find that that far out there as baby names are concerned. I mean, I was conservative in naming my kids, but, maybe I’m just nuts, but I would even have noticed that name if I came across it.



I’ve always said that if you want to give your kid a crazy, creative name, that’s what the middle name is for, and pair it with something conventional for the first name. That way, they can decide for themselves whether to embrace or ignore it.

All right, I’m just gonna say that when I lived in Oklahoma, I knew so many people with names like “Squire.” Just off the top of my head one of my mother’s friends was Duchess and one was Queenie. We had Kings, we had Dukes, we had Earls (no Dukes of Earl though–well, probably, I just didn’t know one). We had Barons. We had Caesars. We had Generals. We had Majors. Let me just say, when I read Catch 22 I did not think Major Major Major was all that strange. My mother’s last boyfriend before she married my father (in 1932) was named Prince. (Huh, I could’ve been a Princess!)

Squire Sebastian Senator seems like overkill, and she definitely sounded like she missed the entire point, but it’s not the worst baby name I’ve ever heard.

Oh, I just remembered a friend of mine who lived between the Castles and the Pallases. One of them, I forget which, gave all their kids these super elevated names to go with the last name, like “Lady Pallas,” for instance (an example; I don’t actually remember, it might have been “Lady Castle.” Those kids were way younger than we were).

I have dibs on “Prime”. The name of a kid who frequented a store I ran. He seemed pretty run of the mill, but thought it was awesome the other kids thought so much of him. When I asked why he was called Prime, I was told it was his real name!

There was also a Filipino girl named Irish (which of course I know isn’t uncommon), and I said I’d name my daughter “Japanese” and my son “Okinawan!” :smiley:

I was expecting a much worse name than that. Compared to Abcd, Squire Senator is very pedestrian.

I don’t think the family should have made fun of the name. Once a name is announced, the polite thing to do is smile, nod, and then talk shit about it behind the parents’ backs.

But I don’t think she should be blowing them out of the water on social media.

Nooooo! Anywhoo that wouldn’t be a dirty word. And it’s not ‘Muck’ either.

She went Librarian-poo because she told the family that they were under no circumstances to give him any sort of nickname, and always refer to him by all three first names as a unit.

Bitch be crazy, and the family was right to call her on her bullshit.

OK, that’s a bit odd. I just assumed everyone would default to “Sebastian” or even “Squire.” All three is a bit much, but I have difficulty believing the story as told.

Me too. I think this is yet another Russian attempt to sow discord among the American people.

That one’s not so odd.
Gouverneur Morris was one of the Founding Fathers. His son, Gouverneur Morris II, was a railroad tycoon. Gouverneur Morris IV was a novelist.

And of course, Grace Slick almost had everyone beat by saying the chosen name for her daughter was ‘god’, with a small ‘g’ to stay humble.

And I’m always amazed that people name their children Jesus or Mohammed. Squire and Prince are nothing compared to that. I also worked with a girl named Queena, though it’s because it’s a quirk of the romanization of her name in Korean.

When I was 19, I worked with a guy by the name of King Middleton.

The name was “Abcde”, not “Abcd” - evidently ANY name can be misspelled!

Only by someone who doesn’t know the alphabet! :wink: