Palin the intellectual says she always wanted a son named Zamboni

Even the fluffy little human-interest pieces can’t help taking shots at this woman:

So she reads, but can’t say what. It maunders a while before it gets to this:

This is what the article goes out on. Palin is a wonderful punching bag.

Well Zamboni is actually a name, unlike some of her other choices.

I thought Zamboni was a girl’s name, though.

I didn’t know it was a name at all. All I know about it is that’s the name of the machine that smooths out the ice on hockey rinks.

Yes it is. But it was invented by a man whose last name was Zamboni.

Italian: from the personal name Zamboni, a northeastern variant of Giambono, composed of a reduced form of Gianni (from Giovanni) + Bono or buono ‘good’.

That is listed as the origin of the surname, Zamboni from here -

I’m thinking of naming my next kid “Tardlauncher,” myself.

It’s not so much that they’re taking shots at her as that it’s hard to walk anywhere near her without stepping in something that came out of her mouth.

…okay, so they’re taking potshots. It’s only fair–she does that to everything else. :wink:

Yeah, it would be much more responsible to imply that she’s a terrorist.

One of the (many) things she’s doing that bugs me is that she can’t say “terrorists” without following it up with “whoaretryingtodestroyAmerica”. It’s become one word. She’s so programmed, it’s unbelievable.

And another thing – accuse me of sexism, but she should have done a trial run with the skirt she wore in the Brian Williams interview. When she sits down, the skirt is mid-thigh. Maybe that was the plan – distract viewers from her inane responses.

A zamboni is an ice scraper. In Alaska, she could make a good living that she is well qualified for on any street corner with an ice scraper and a squee-gee.

Isn’t that kind of like naming them Vagina?

Okay, she’s really taking the hockey mom thing a little too far.

#7. Plexiglas
#8. False Teeth

I was hoping that she would keep the trigonometric trend up: Trig, Sine, Cosine, Tangent,…

Reading the interview, in context the line sounds like it was meant to be a joke.

This part is interesting too…

Nah, it’s gotta be school subjects. Trig, Track, Band, Homec, SATprep, and so forth.

Etymology? You want me to be concerned about what words mean? But it’s such a cool word! I hadn’t even heard it before yesterday. and now I’m saying it all day long long. Tardlauncher, tardlauncher…it’s just so catchy.

Is Home Economics really taught any more? I had the idea the radical feminists caused it to be dropped way back when?

“Tardlauncher, Tardlauncher,
Launch me a tard,
Loft me a dunce,
Shoot him out hard!
Tardlauncher, Tardlauncher,
Shoot me a shmuck
And launch out a perfect tard!”

She obviously doesn’t want to alienate the terroristswhoadoptabandonedkittens vote.