Sarah blames Track's PTSD on Obama

Probably ought to just be lumped with either SRIOD or MRIOD, but Sarah Palin says her son beats his girlfriend and engages in drunken firearm waving because Obama doesn’t have any respect for veterans. I have lived with people who suffered from PTSD and have friends who are dealing with it now. Maybe the way to treat PTSD is to stop starting pointless misdirected wars. I’m pretty sure Track?sp probably served in Afghanistan or Iraq or both. You don’t get to start wars and then blame the people trying to end them for soldiers being traumatized. I’m not denying he has a problem. I’m just saying the best way to treat PTSD is to stop sending soldiers into harm’s way at the drop of a hat. The VA sucks at mental treatment, but for someone who thinks gun violence is a mental health issue to not get mental help for a family when she can obviously afford it makes me sick. Should the VA pay for it? absolutely.

Sorry, should have said “combat” rather than treat.

Children out of wedlock.

Family brawls.

Domestic violence.

Threats of suicide, and more.

No. Of course it’s not their fault.

Prison is a great cure for spousal (SO) abusers who wave AK-47s around, PTSD or not. Take his fucking guns away right now. If he’s not floating on a level ocean, he has no need for an AK-47 or any gun for that matter.

Track Palin is a PATRIOT!!! He wouldn’t touch a Commie gun with a 10 foot cleaning rod.

He had an AR-15

Was Track Palin actually in combat?

You jest, I hope.

About the only thing prison cures is sanity. An environment where paranoia is more a survival skill than an illness. Drunk? Here, chug this tequila.

I, not being one to denigrate anyone’s service, will give him the benefit of the doubt.

From 2008

Pfc. Track Palin has been promoted from driver to an “air guard” position in one of the rear hatches of the Stryker vehicle. He stands in the hatch with a rifle and watches out for danger to the vehicle, be it airborne or on the ground. His unit also provides security for the brigade’s commander and deputy commander. From there, the next promotion is to be a dismounted soldier, one that leaves the 20-ton, eight-wheeled armored combat vehicle.

He was on the fast “track” to the top.

I’m from a generation in which people who served in Vietnam spent the entire time in the bars of Saigon.

I think it’s a fair question.

You don’t need to have been in combat to experience PTSD. You just need to have experienced a traumatic event. That can include, for example, having the guy who sleeps in the bunk across from you getting his legs blown off by an IED. Or driving by the remains of children killed in a drone strike. Or a million other things one potentially encounters in a war zone.

So the real question would be whether he experienced significant trauma. Not sure how you’d know that other than to ask him.

It’s totally a fair question. I just remember that even though my father spent most of his tour in Vietnam on a boat, he couldn’t handle fireworks, just sent him into depression.

If PTSD, how is it Obama’s fault?

As I mentioned in the other Palin thread, she had just finished clucking about letting our warriors go kick ISIS’s ass and now she’s accusing Obama of being insensitive to those warriors’ plights.

What a screeching ninny.

As you can plainly see, Obama has completely ignored veterans.


I agree. She’s a piece of shit. Her son could have PTSD from growing up in her house.

Thanks for that link. it will help illustrate my disgust with the idea that the Dems hate our servicepeople.

As someone who works on veterans issues, Palin can go pound sand.

The candidate who has been advocating the most for veterans is Bernie Sanders. Sanders was the chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee and co-wrote the Veterans’ Access, Choice and Accountability Act, which opened twenty-seven new VA facilities and added five billion dollars to programs for veterans. Sanders also pushed for an extension of GI Bill benefits to soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and opposed cuts in military pensions. And Sanders has said that if he’s elected President, he will further expand veterans benefits.

If Palin is worried about her son’s care, it looks like she endorsed the wrong candidate.

Well, looks like we have a new leader in the contest for the most egregious use of “Thanks, Obama”