sarah brightman's fly

I just saw a site selling a two cd set of Fly from Sarah Brightman.
What is on the second disc?

I opened this thread expecting to read something about the trousers she wears, and the zip thereon.

I’m with ianzin.

Since she’s hot, I was hoping it was about her pants and said zipper as well.

“Honey get hip! It’s time to unzip, to unzip. Whipee!” - Genesis, “Counting Out Time”

I’m not saying capitals and quotes could have made this thread title make more sense, but I thought it was going to be about a singer’s pants, too.

The title was meant to be humorous but I thought fans would understand. Now that that is out of the way, how about some answers please.
PS For nonfans, FLY is the name of one of her CDs and has nothing to do with trouser mechanics.