Sarah Michelle Geller vs Uri Geller

I’m not sugessting a slyer vs spoon bender fight, but can anyone else think of pairs of celebrites with similar names who might just be related?

I think fashion designer Vivienne Westwood might be Clint Eastwood in drag :smiley:

Just for the record, Billdo and I are Gellers too.

Oh yeah, I think those characters on Friends are called Geller.

And Drew Barrymore’s character in the movie Never Been Kissed? Her last name was Geller.

Yes, I am trying to hijack this thread. All Gellers, all the time.

Vive La Gellers!

p.s. Sarah Michelle’s last name is spelled “Gellar.” She is the inferior sort of Geller.

By the way, other well-known Gellers include Andrew Geller, the shoe designer and Laura Geller, the make-up artist. They’re not as famous as Uri or Sarah Michelle, but heck, I’m always on the lookout for more Gellers.

Then there was that dog, “Old Geller”…

Inferior? It seems to me that she’s doing pretty well for herself. Not that I am swayed by superficial, ephemereal physical characteristics. :o

An internet quick search found a “Tom Geller, master of puppies”.

Then there’s always cmkeller, who would probably be a superior kind of geller? I think the hard k is a superior sound to the wimpy, soft g.

Surely Sarah M Gellar would defeat Uri Geller in a flash. All Uri can do is bend spoons, and James Randi proved that he can’t even really do that.

Urm…of the given pair, is SMG REALLY the one you want to dissavow connection to?

And don’t forget the inspiring story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Geller.
Related to the OP, the was a basketball player and there is now a football player named Kareem Abdul Jabbar. What are the chances of that?

Hmmm…an excellent point, Tengu.

I hereby declare that all Gellers/Gellars are equally superior.

How can you leave out that power hittin’, bad throw scoopin’, cancer fightin’, first baseman extraorinaire Andres Gelleragga?

Yogi Bear/Berra?

I would! :slight_smile:

xizor, IIRC, the basketball great is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar while the ex-Dolphin running back is Karim Abdul-Jabbar. Very similar, but its worth noting that neither was the man’s given name. Both were names each adopted once converting to the Islamic faith. I have no idea what the protocol for selecting or being given these new names are, but it stands to reason it might be less than a pure coincidence that there is such a close comparison.

That said, there is a pretty long list of athletes with the same names in sports. Just of the top of my head Charles Johnson (WR for the Eagles, C for the White sox) and Bobby Jones (Ps for the Mets) are a couple of currently playing examples. But then again, Charles or Bobby aren’t quite Kareem, nor is Johnson and Jones as obscure as Adbul-Jabbar

Just so I’m clear…the Mets have had 2 (or more? O_O) pitchers named Bobby Jones? Kinda trippy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on the same day as me :slight_smile: (year and everything)

I guess that makes me quasi-famous or something.

How about that basketball player from Penn who was in this year’s NBA draft–Michael Jordan? Now that’s spooky.