Poll: Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Pick your own criteria. I’m always confusing them.

I don’t know how you did it but they do have some astonishing similarities, the primary one being that they will both be my girlfriend/mistress in the near future. This question is causing me to have some Christmas seizures because I love the type and picking is hard. I picked Sarah Michelle Gellar but I feel like such a man skank because I would never cheat on Jennifer Love Hewitt either.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a kind of weird face and has become a little too skinny for my liking, so Sarah Michelle Gellar wins. Though she could stand to gain some weight too, not that you can tell from the linked pictures.

I’m a girl, and a huge Buffy fan, but I never found Sarah attractive. If I were to be the type to have girl-crushes, definitely Jennifer.

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I choose both, and I’ll be in my bunk.

I have to go with JLH, even with her “five head”. SMG never really did anything for me.

I can only tell them apart when talking, because while Gellar is unlikely to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine any time soon, she is still a couple of standard deviations ahead of Hewitt, who appears to have been born without a functioning frontal cortex. So I’m going to have to do with my default answer of Franka Potente, who looks suspiciously like Neko Case but has the added advantage of speaking fluent English with a mildly exotic accent.


“Five head”??


She’s Buffy.

End of story.

I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is kind of plain but Jennifer Love Hewitt is an absolute knockout, especially with those… assets.

it’s a grade above just a regular forehead.

anyway, JLH for me. boobies are the decision maker.

My vote for Jennifer Love Hewitt is contingent upon the condition that she stick to acting and give up on singing, writing books, etc. Not that her acting is any great shakes, but it seems to me to be the medium where the presence of other, more talented people (scriptwriter, director, special effects guy, other actors) can mitigate her lack of particular talent. She just has to bring her magnificent rack along for the ride.

To me, Kristy Swanson is Buffy.

Give me Eliza Dushku!

Oh THAT Sarah Michelle Gellar:D, I take back my vote. I thought it was that other Sarah…Sabrina the Teenaged Witch Sarah (it is Sarah right?) Yeah, you’re right they’re very similar girls, though whatserface, Jennifer, seems sweeter and more down to earth.

Melissa Joan Hart. The regular use of the three-name scheme is probably why you conflate the two - I know a couple of other people that have had that same confusion.

Jennifer hands down

I’ve always had a thing for Jennifer Love Hewitt, ever since Party of Five. I never got into Buffy so have no real interest in Sarah Michelle Gellar. However, like BrotherCadfael, they are both trumped by Eliza Dushku.

Neither does it for me, really, and I say that as a big Buffy fan. Sarah probably ekes it out just for that, but I’d take pretty much any of her female co-stars over her, and a couple of the men as well.