Sarah Palin interview with a Markov generator

I ran Sarah’s side of the debate through a Markov generator…Oddly the results don’t seem that different.

The national economy has been run into the ground during the last eight years, and now it’s all about to ruin the world. Can you show us some evidence you have any idea what is going on and maybe how you might fix it?

Palin: Thank you, you’re the way of the nation, I think we need tax relief and putting the Fannie Mae and unless you’re forgetting millions of America which is the private sector and thrive and turn to let the people’s side on the solution.

In fact, 96 percent of reform, where Todd and if there’s a smart thing about the way the Fannie Mae and get down to any parent there will we just every day American peoples fault that he was so that higher taxes or you talk straight to send the American people and our economy. We do need to talk about the job done. Now, what I’ve joined this world, with reform.

I do need the federal government has not answer the nice thing to give you feeling about the government has been a governor we just take a tax increases. We did all due respect, I can cross state fuel tax.

So does that mean you are for or against the bailout?

Palin: We need to give you want to erase those entities in debt. Let’s do at this rescue plan, this past week, even supported increasing taxes or more, you’re not what our economy is proposing in the nation, I did as late as usual. And the tax burden and reduce taxes.I thank the White House, and prosper.

An increased tax relief and to hear some fear in our investments that is the sideline and really bolster and heat up our economy would be created and if there’s a positive. That’s budget neutral. That doesn’t tell one group and wouldn’t go to respond about Barack’s plan to have in debt. Let’s do take a $5,000 health care being taken over by those things knowing that greater oversight, again by the government anything lately.

Let’s move on. So the rest of the world has figured out that climate change is a problem. What do you think can be done?

Palin: ConocoPhillips, bless their hearts, they’re doing what we need to deal with an "all of jobs and start dealing with an all of clean, green natural gas pipeline which is the clean up this planet and deal with new technology, with new technology, with climate change impacts. We’ve got to thank for man’s activities, but because this great land.

And we’re relying on in dealing with climate change sub-cabinet to become energy ticket, also. I then had to the climate. And I had to talk about energy plans, it’s real.

I mean, what steps can we take to curb climate change?

Palin: Energy independence is the energy policy plan that we would remember that, in my state. And we are going to look back, even these very, very hungry markets. Barack Obama and we talk about energy into and kind of Alaska to really kind of clean, green natural gas pipeline which is safe to deal with new technology, with those oil companies and deal with tiny footprints even pollute more and our hydrocarbons so many changes on those tax breaks aren’t coming to the greed on foreign countries, some who were starting to argue about the Senate weren’t going to make sure that Obama voted for that. Energy independence is North America’s

Hmm. I think we are done talking about that. Gay marriage, yay or nay?

Palin: The traditional definition of the traditional definition of adults in America choosing their partners, choosing their partners, choosing relationships that I have a thing as I also want to clarify, if it in a hospital or contracts being as clean coal. And unfortunately that’s sometimes where those steps lead.

But I also want to hear you know, I think through nuances we do anything to clarify, if there’s any kind of the traditional definition

What do you think is the next step forward in the Iraq war?

Palin: An armed, nuclear armed especially with John McCain and corruption on one side or to end all of the Shia extremists who are with leaders like Kim Jong Il, the troops after promising that you guys opposed the table there also.

But as McCain, and I think that he shared with me or vice- versa. Americans are extremely dangerous, of course we’re doing anything that Barack Obama’s military strategy, including cutting off the troops. We don’t need to that all about. But diplomacy is enough with some of the Bush administration, as the average working class family is part of the Gen. Petraeus and we’ll have so I do the troops in this surge, in the strategies, working with this race and that again, you oppose the paper, it’s succeeded. Barack Obama had a stinking corpse.

I’m not sure I follow you. Can you give us some specific information about what you would do?

Palin: I and Dick Lugar have a good thing to do. That will change is so encouraged to acquire, to just too much finger-pointing backwards to of al Qaeda and the move he knows what they have got to vote on terror is coming, though. And Maliki and doing anything that we’re securing democracy, our troops there to forge ahead with either party.

As for the maverick. He will tell us and untrue comment, again, I’ll just put in the Bush administration, that would engage in jeopardy of surrender in my opinions at least until this peace-seeking nation, and now you can start do have to proliferate, or vice- versa. Americans are going to agree on that.

The surge worked. Barack Obama was a war.And heaven forbid, yes, that central war in Iraq and any other ticket opposed this ends up, that taken up before I would cost lives.

Fuck it. Just give me a closing statement.

Palin: Thank you, I come with Americans straight to argue about the nuclear, the kitchen table and regulations and healthy debate with being created here. Now, Barack Obama was the causes. What I’ve been there. We’re tired of our kids to use as they deem best for health care coverage. That’s an American.

And that’s not support a heck of course, he’s a state we need and get down on the heartland of this, but a heck of the Bush administration’s policy on our friends and I, we’re building schools have billions of the war on Wall Street that’s a reckless, reckless comment and regulations and I was right, when we’re doing the greatest in bringing folks of exceptionalism.

And I’ll just do respect for as corporate CEOs, but I think through as a deliberative debate and let you supported Barack Obama’s military strategies pretty much finger-pointing backwards again.

I want you show our parents told us in fact, 96 percent of the filter, even, of dollars in tapping into and just too many changes in addition to be the people’s side of government run program and we’ll do have had to, and as individuals, and speak with the oil companies and that parent’s voice, fear in these dictators are craving something new commitment of the federal government growth that we need to hurt our lives, that’s where you’re pleased with your wife being taken up there that shining city on 100 percent of oil companies those families to everything in.

Never will make this case, in America, back and it’s a part of those things that Barack Obama, of expertise, and from Wasilla Main Streeters like that with this is in Darfur. That is a position on that. Energy independence and the conditions have done as the Main Street there, also, and he says things up this is a special interests at what gave those countries – this planet and blunders we suspended our investments that that we deserve, and allowing through the war on our troops that we can understand how you know, I think that taken advantage of.

**I don’t know what else to do but that you for coming. Thank god this is over. **

Hell, this makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard.

Will someone explain Markov chains to me? The Wikipedia article was over my head.

The idea here is that the probability of any word “foo” following a word “bar” can be determined by looking at a body of text, and then those probabilities can be used to generate a new body of text.

You can also consider n words, and which word might follow that group. Each time you add a word, you slide your consideration window forward, and consider the previous n-1 words, plus the new one, to get the next word.

For example, let’s assume that your generator considers a window of three words. In the debate last night, the word “financial” was very often followed by “crisis”, and the word “Senator” often followed by “McCain”, so if your generator starts with some text, like “With Senator John”, it will likely decide that the next word is “McCain”, and then start considering which word could come after “Senator John McCain”. If it got to “the current financial”, it would probably add “crisis”.

Of course, since it’s only considering a word or a few at a time, you tend to get sentences that look like the speaker lost their train of thought in the middle. Consider the auto-generated sentence:

“Energy independence is the energy policy plan that we would remember that, in my state.”

Now, clearly, starting with “Energy”, you’re likely to get “independence” or “policy”, but near the end of the sentence, the generator added in the common dependent clause “remember that, in my state”, then decided that “in my state” was a reasonable place to end.

Consider a very simple model for the weather. If it’s raining today, there’s a 70% chance it’ll rain tomorrow, and a 30% chance that it’ll be sunny. If it’s sunny today, there’s an 80% chance it’ll be sunny tomorrow, and a 20% chance it’ll be rainy. This is a Markov chain, and perhaps the simplest interesting one.

There are two key features of a Markov chain. In terms of the model above, the first is that tomorrow’s weather only depends on today’s. Knowing yesterday’s weather doesn’t tell you anything that you don’t know from today’s weather. The second, which is perhaps more subtle, is that the probabilities don’t depend on what day it is. The model is the same on day 100 or day 1000 as it is on day 1.

Incidentally, that second property makes Markov chains a really bad model for the weather in any place that has a dry or a rainy season. But it’s a pretty good model for teaching, and you’ll see it in most introductory textbooks.

A Markov chain speech generation algorithm is a little bit more complicated, but the basic idea is the same. There’s a certain probability of generating each word that depends only on the last few words, and that probability doesn’t change over time. That’s actually not a terrible model for human language, although it’s clearly lacking in some ways, as the text in the OP indicates.

For what it’s worth, there’s a slightly more complicated idea known as a hidden Markov model that’s used for speech comprehension, financial modeling, and damn near anything else you can think of where something is observed at different times.

And I thought a Markov generator was something like a Tesla coil.

So did I.

“Answer the QUESTION, Governor!” TTZZAAAP

All very good, but how did it decide to write this?:

Like it wrote every other segment of the text: at random.

No, that would be a Zarkov generator.

Maybe it’s been playing parlor games with the Surrealists?

By the same logic: ‘Barack Obama’ was said so much it could be followed by practically anything, the computer chose ‘had’, then ‘a’. ‘‘Israel’ a stinking corpse’ was a popular phrase, as it was her A-game in the foreign policy round, so it had a good chance of showing up. End result: hilarity (and biting meta-satire).

“to of Al Qaeda” is what seems unlikely to me.

Come, let us hasten to a higher plane,
Where dyads tread the fairy fields of Venn,
Their indices bedecked from one to n,
Commingled in an endless Markov chain!

:: hopeless intellectual swoon ::

This is probably the only place on the net where I could run into another Lem reader.