Sarah Silverman meets Jesus

Awww, xians and pro-lifers are upset over this little vid.

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Why don’t you tell us a bit about what we are debating here?

I am willing to posit she didn’t really meet Jesus.

We are? That’s news to me.

They watched a NCIS marathon and ate popcorn…

What are we debating here? Tell us what it is about the video that makes it a topic for this form.

Jesus hangin’ with a feminist Jewish girl has many panties in a wad, the 'Net has some vocal whiners going ballistic.

Classic Sarah Silverman, she hangs with Jesus and discusses abortion/political issues and offers possible solutions.

Hey, ITR champion-want to go out for a beer? First round’s on me.

People on the internet going nuts, you say? That hardly ever happens.

Somehow I think that the net having ballistic, vocal whiners isn’t exactly up for debate.

Let me move that for you.

I’m shocked! The Jesus of the Bible would never hang out with Jewish girls.

Darn tootin’ she did, he’s in the video. Blond-haired and blue-eyed, just like in the bible.:wink:

Yeah, but Blond-haired and blue-eyed Jesus thumb-bated her ass?
That might be stretching the the faith of true believers.

…little bit. Tiny. Yeah.


I’m pretty sure those words can’t be used together like that…

As a Christian I am offended by the fact that Sara Silverman is just not funny.
Now if Amy Schumer had done it, it might be worth watching.

A perverse little part of me suspects that some believers subconsciously would like to be in Sarah’s shoes. The bible is their Harlequin romance novel and Jesus is the strapping shirtless stud they’re powerless to resist. Adds another perspective to “Oh God, oh God, yes!!”

I know it’s subjective and all that, but I beg to differ. Take, for example, this little exchange when she was on the Tonight Show…

JAY LENO: So, what have you been up to?

SARAH: I just spent the weekend at a Kabbalah and I feel so-o-o much better…than you.

The best part of that video was the audio for NCIS epsiode they were watching, which cranked up the ludicrous technobabble and bizarre evidence to 11.