Sarah Silverman owns Paris at MTV Movie awards

Youtube has the clip from the MTV movie awards, the audio from the clip is probably NSFW so I’ve disabled the link: (again, audio NSFW)

But it’s classic and you can see Paris starts out laughing but then stops finding it funny.

– IG

You know, I dislike Paris as much as the next sane person, but that clip made me incredibly uncomfortable and also made me feel bad for Hilton.

I suppose she should have expected that they’d make fun of her, considering that she was set to turn herself in to jail on Tuesday (but did last night), but Silverman just went too far. Hilton might be a big joke herself, but good lord. And Silverman clearly saw that they were panning to Hilton, because she said, “Oh, sweetie. . .” after looking off to a side monitor.

Hilton might know she’s disliked, but hearing a thousand people cheering at your impending prison sentence has got to ware on you a bit, especially when you already knew you were going to turn yourself in later that night. She did a bad thing (ok, lots of bad things), but she’s still human.

Silverman went too far for that laugh and MTV shouldn’t have kept cutting to a clearly uncomfortable Hilton. Sorry, my idea of entertainment isn’t video of a person attempting to fake a smile while they are clearly trying to not burst into tears.

PS: IG - I don’t think Paris was ever sincerely laughing. She looked incredibly uncomfortable and was looking like she was attempting to pretend she was ok with the joke. It was obvious she was trying not to cry by the look on her face.

I was surprised to see Jack Nicholson there. Turns out, he won Best Villain for The Departed

I can’t watch the vid at work, so I don’t know what was said but Sarah Silverman is one naaaasty bitch (which is why I love her so), so I bet it was cutting, mean and quite painful. One wonders if it was painful enough to be the cause of the news story I heard on the radio this morning-- that Paris has decided to turn herself in early to start serving her sentence.
Hey OP guy-- can I get some choice quotes to chew on until I get home?

The main laugh line is along the lines of:

The guards are going to paint the bars of her cell to look like penises, I just hope she doesn’t chip a tooth on them.

I agree it was deep and cutting, but Paris is an example of how much is wrong with my generation.

– IG

Here ya go:

And IG- I’d say Hilton isn’t what’s totally wrong with our generation, what’s totally wrong with our generation is that we are a bunch of people so desensitized by reality TV that we just sit in fits of giggles over the pain of other people.

Paris Hilton is the veritable definition of publicity whore. She cultivates a reputation for being rich and stupid, goes to a nationally televised awards show the weekend she checks into jail (and could have avoided jail by abiding by bail terms)and gets miffed because jokes are made about it? Cry me a river.

Diosa, I respect your opinion but so far she (Paris) lives a charmed life. The cheering, the laughs, might (probably not), get to her skull and maybe she’ll decide to be a… dare I say… good person?

Yes, she’s human, but consider what she’s done to my generation’s image. She’s morphed what millions of girls try to look like. It’s no longer Nichole Kidman or Natalie Portman, now we have preteens dressing like Paris Hilton.

I have no pity for her. The prison sentence is a joke anyways, compared to what it would be if she weren’t the Hilton heiress. So the social ramifications are all we can really rely on.

– IG

Regardless of anyone’s feelings about Paris Hilton, this isn’t true. Her sentence is exactly in line with what others have received.

Before Hilton, there was Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Before the two of them, there was any number of vapid, bleached, bimbos that teenage girls aspired to be like. Though I too am a member of your generation (a whopping 21), I would hazard to guess that girls looked up to busty, vapid pretty girls going way back through the 80s, 70s, and beyond. Hello? Marilyn Monroe?

It’s silly to blame Hilton for youth trends. Kids have been dressing like the hot, sexy thing of the moment for generations. Perhaps if all of society didn’t value pretty, blonde, vapid women, little girls would look up to someone else. Sadly, that ain’t happening any time soon. Whatever the case though, it isn’t Hilton’s fault. Frankly, the girl has taken being nothing more than a name and actually earned herself more than what her inheritance was going to be. Tell me, does that say more about Hilton’s ability to promote herself or our entire society’s stupidity? Whatever you think of her, I don’t think either you or I could- whether through looks, brains, or names- ever earn ourselves a quarter of what Hilton has through self promotion.

It’s my understanding that her 45 day sentence was pretty much kosher with what the average person would get. It was cut in half because the prison doesn’t have the resources to hold her for the full term, not because she bought her way out of it. In fact, on the MTV preshow thing, she said they offered for her to go to a nicer jail, “pay jail” if she was willing to shell out the money, but she said she decided not to because she’d rather prove to everyone that she isn’t getting special treatment because of who she is.

Alright, well this is getting close to the line for a thread for IMHO or GD, so if we want to continue it there we can. I apologize for my misconceptions about her prison stay and kudos to her for picking the harder stay but you’re not going to convince me that I should feel bad for laughing at this video though.

– IG

I love Sarah, but found her entire opening to not be up to the caliber of some of her best material, like her jokes at some of the comedy central roasts. I didn’t care for the Hilton joke not because it was mean, but because it was too easy and obvious, like something Leno would say if he worked blue. But who knew she had that kind of a rack?

And I was glad to see Dane Cook getting ZERO laughs with his typically stupid humor, even from the MTV crowd which is supposed to be his fanbase.

Why, oh why is everybody so mean to Paris. I mean, all she did was fuck a guy on camera, film herself saying racially offensive things about black people, show her twat to the world on numerous occasions, drive drunk, repeatedly violate probation, smoke a big fat joint in public AFTER being sentenced to jail— that’s all. Can’t all you meanies see that we should be extending the milk of human kindness to the poor little rich girl?

Do not laugh at her when she goes into a public arena were a well-known nasty comic will have the mic and makes nasty jokes. It’s not funny! It’s sad, sad, sad. It is a comment on the decline of civility and-- dare I say it?-- civilization when people at home laugh at the misguided youth. Just because she cannot act decently doesn’t mean she deserves our scorn!
Oh wait. I’m mistaken. She does deserve my scorn. I take everything back.

Uh, these people at least offered something of worth-- music, acting. Paris has made a name for herself based on only her famous name. Sure she did some ridculous reality TV show, but that hardly qualifies her for contributing much.

B.S. She’s hardly had to pull herself up by her boot straps here. You’re saying we should applaud her for making a name for herself via self-promotion? If I had anything close to her family’s money, I’d be able to promote the hell out of myself too. The only thing that made her famous was that she was a Hilton, was going to bars, hanging out with famous people (who had rightfully made names for themselves in other walks of life), taping herself having sex, and getting drunk. Thousands of 20-somethings can claim three-out-of-five of those things every weekend.

However, Silverman’s punchline obviously refers to Paris and sex, which is playing off one of the few things Paris is now (in)famous for-- her sex tape. The very sex tape she is now making money on. Which makes this fair game. This ain’t no case of palatr-- Paris has made the bed she is now forced to lay in.

I agree with this. Nothing that Paris has done is really that bad, and it certainly doesn’t indicate to me that she’s a bad person. I don’t think any of us know enough about the girl to determine what her actual character is. From how she acts on The Simple Life, I have thought that she seems like a decent enough person. She certainly doesn’t act bitchy or horrible like Nicole Ritchie sometimes does.

People need to stop blaming celebrities for society’s ills. If your kid is emulating Paris Hilton that says more about your parenting skills than anything that Paris has done.

As for her jail sentence, I believe it is excessive. I don’t know what the laws are in California, but around here people can get caught several times before ever serving any time in jail. They go on house arrest or they have some other kind of punishment. I think the only reason Paris got so much time is because they were trying to make an example of her. Good for her for handling it with dignity, I’m sure all this press will not hurt her at all. In fact, it seems the more people hate her the more famous she gets.

This whole sex tape thing annoys me. She was a relatively-unknown 19-year-old when her sleazoid boyfriend filmed her. Later, when she becomes better known, said sleazoid peddles the tape for money.

So why is she the one being tarred for a slut? Did she want the tape released? Did she get any money from it except possibly from a lawsuit against the perps? Has she ever received a penny?

This is like saying that Fred Goldman is guilty of the murder of his son because he got money from a lawsuit filed against O. J. Simpson.

I have nothing to say in favor of Paris Hilton. She’s evidently as much of a twit as she appears to be. But I’m not going to condemn her because she’s taken advantage of our society’s double standard that when sex happens the girl is a slut and the guy is a stud. In that, good for her.

The ridicule comes with the territory. You want to be a celebrity in Hollywood these days then you should know that any social faux paus you commit will become instant fodder for comedians punch lines. If you can’t hack it then get out of the lime light and give someone else their 15 minutes. Or at least lay low until someone else blunders and everyone’s attention shifts.

You can’t tell me she really expected to go to the MTV awards hosted by Sarah Silverman on the eve of her well publicized jail sentence and not get roasted?

I’d agree except for that second tape-- the one where she calls black people dirty and gives Nick Cater a hummer. Oh, and all the crotch shots.

What about repeatedly drinking and driving? I think that says something about the type of person she is. “Irresponsible” is a word that can safely be asserted as part of her actual character.

Once is repeatedly? She got one DUI and then drove on a suspended license twice. She didn’t get multiple DUIs.