Sarah Woodruff. Please step inside.

In your welcome thread you posted this.

In that post you attempt to denigrate all the Pit dwellers as a drunken lot. This is mostly true, but I feel like fighting! How dare you point out my alcohol consumption in any way relates to my posts! It is totally warranted, but we hate broad brushes! Unless they’re dipped in liquor. Even then, it’s still warranted in pointing out that the rum-soaked brush eventually dries up. We blame you!

It’s people like you that can see through smoke and mirrors that piss us off. And God help you if you ever start a thread that creates a thoughtful discussion. We don’t take kindly to that here. So keep your opinion to yourself. It isn’t welcomed here.

So sit back and enjoy the threads, just stay out of it!

OK, everyone knew I wasn’t serious. Just wanted to give the ultimate initiation by pitting her right off the bat. Trial by fire and all that. :smiley:

This can only end in tears.