sarcastic hello kitty pics anybody?

Since I read the t-shirt thread I want to make some iron-on t-shirt prints with my computer. I have the paper, I have a printer (or well… I know somebody who has a good one…)


I am searching for sarcastic hello kitty! pics to shock a hello kitty adoring friend with the shirt.
I already have this:
But I remember there was a “hello kitty war” picture too, and one on which she is going mad…

I already tried altavista (for hours) but it only comes up with the cute ones…

Anybody have something “bad” ?

goodbye dodgy

I have a few from the Smile and Act Nice/Something Awful vs. Off Topic Forums war! We made ones that says, OTF owned, and the SA classic, YU0=FAGG0T. (Note, yu0=fagg0t isn’t a homosexual slur-it’s just a stupid saying from the something awful forums that is so overused it’s just a joke…)

Heads off to search the good old SA…

thanx :slight_smile:

who always remained newby scum at the SA

Speaking of, I’m DYING to know:
What IS the story behind YU0=FAGG0T, anyways?

I have to admit: no idea.
I was already greated that way in my first post… :frowning: and fatsexy wanted to be my stalker if I remember that right…

are they still using the elite thing all the time?

yey! Somebody at the SA had the kitty war one :slight_smile:
It is safe on my harddrive now. that s gonna be the hell of a weird shirt :slight_smile:

How about Hello Cthulhu?

It’s funnier if you’ve read Lovecraft…

Here you go:

when I saw your evil “repent” link your post count was on 666 Robot Arm…


Thanx for the link :slight_smile: