Satan & Hell

Brain Glutton, I must say I’m impressed with the sheer volume of information you put out in your first post (double-posts notwithstanding). Still, you really should know by now that cut-and-pasting entire articles from other websites is kind of against the rules.

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I didn’t know, actually. I’ll try to be more careful in the future. But based on what I know of copyright law, I’ve always thought of what I do as coming within the “fair use” doctrine, the more so as I’m not doing it for any commercial purpose, and most of the authors I’m copying would want their work put before as large an audience as possible even if it makes them no money. Then again, copyright law is one thing and SDMB rules are another.

Ermm . . . the Devil made me do it!

I was raised with a broader interpretation of the story of Lucifer. He was cast out of Heaven and now walks the Earth, again and again. He was cast out due to pride.

I was brought up to understand Lucifer is a parable against Pride and those who would oppugn God. How many people have said “if I meet God, I’ll spit in his face rather than sit for one minute in Heaven!” In my religion, Lucifer is a hedge against anger at God.

If you don’t get it right this life, you’ve got to come back to Earth and do it again, no matter what you believe.

Lucifer, by the strength of his character, can never repent. Anecdotal, but if one is to know Milton or even Dante, Lucifer has seen the face of God, yet has voluntarily remained out of His Grace. Denial of such beauty for this seeming eternity requires indelible conviction.

Hmm, I read that and I think there’s some really good story ideas in there…a maybe a fallen angel sent to live as a human and die for the sins of the demons, and those on both sides who are trying to prevent it from happening…

As I understand it Correctly Lucifer Did not simply sin but actualy waged War on God and his angles while in heaven. He was influential enough to get 1/3 of all the angels to side with him to fight against God. Even if Lucifer did say he was sorry and ask for forgiveness I highly doubt God would accept him back becasue what he as done is just Unforgivable. Sort of like commiting suicide is a unforgivable sin.

Angel’s Live in Heaven with God they get to bath in his glory 24/7.
Most Humans have never even seen God let alone been given proof of his existance and yet some belive in him and follow his words out of faith alone.

Yes It at times in the bible it does appear as though GOD is playing a chess game with Satan and we are the pawns.

But there is also evidence in the bible that there is a invisable War which we can not see still taking place between the fallen angels and the angels who still follow God.

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But there is evidence that Satan and Hell themselves exist?

You gotta be kidding. An SDMB thread about Satan and Hell and the most basic, straightforward question about the OP cannot be asked?

Of course, this is an all-too-familiar fubdamentalist tactic for dealing with pointed questions–declare them inappropriate.

OK, I’ll ask a different question: Does this thread pertain to reality or mythology?

From the OP:

The OP asked about Satan in the context of the Bible and what he was taught as a child. Challenges to the existence of Satan and/or the truth of the Bible would therefore seem to be beyond the scope of this thread.