Satan & Hell

I was reading emacknight’s post and it made me wonder about something…

How does Satan fit into eternal damnation?

As I child I was taught he was the “ruler” of Hell. Kinda always pictured him as a big-red-goat-legged-big-horned-nasty on an fiery throne. As I got older there was more about him corrupting man and turning us toward our baser instincts and away from god. From catholic mythology I know he was originally an angel, cast down from heaven by god. Was he cast into hell? If he was punished as such why would he be allowed to leave to corrupt us?

Supposedly he led a revolt against heaven, literally attacking god and the other angels in an attempt for superiority. That seems like a pretty big sin compared to me telling a teacher that my dog ate my homework. But thats a lie and I’d go to hell for it (for eternity), Satan did far worse, and he’s just allowed to roam around making it tough on us humies?

I mean, he’s got a really good gig all things considerred, if all he has to do with eternity is convince us humans that we should be doing what our impulses tell us to. Or even if he’s the ruler of Hell, aside from the heat it ought to be enjoyable to him to torture us humans for all of eternity, considering he went to war against heaven because he was jealous of us and our souls. (thats how I came to understand the mythology, though I have heard other explanations)

In any case, seems to me that he got off easy. Anyone have an explantion for this? Enlighten me if you can.

Disclaimer: I’m an athiest with interest in christian/catholic mythology. I apologize if my use of the word “mythology” is offensive to anyone.

He wasn’t cast into hell. He was cast out of heaven, presumably into this universe since he’s here. He’s not the ruler of hell. According to Revelation, in the last days he will be cast into a lake of fire for all eternity, but that isn’t now. There’s no evidence he’s ever been to hell, and there’s no evidence that his job would be torturer once he goes into the lake of fire.

I’m not sure why he revolted, though I get the impression it had something to do with pride and wanting to be God. After all, if he was just jealous presumably he would have left or something. He wants to get people to go to hell with him because God loves us. After all, what better way to spit in God’s eye than to corrupt His beloved creations?

Also, FTR, a lot of the info people think the Bible gives about Satan actually comes from Milton’s Paradise Lost which, while awesome, isn’t Scripture. F’r’instance, I think the “jealous of humans” thing came from PL.

He’s actually the ruler of this age, and will eventually be judged. Depending on what type of eschatology you subscribe to, he is bound for 1000 years, let loose one last time, then cast forever into lasting judgment. And it’s not going to be satan who is ruling hell, so you may be trying to convince the wrong guy that your punishment is wrong. Interestingly enough, the one story that Jesus told that gave us a glimpse into hell, the rich man never said he shouldn’t be there.

Can Satan repent for his follies? I mean what if one day he realizes what he did was wrong and asks the big guy for forgiveness? Would he/she forgive him/her? Has there ever been anything dealing with that subject?

But there is evidence that Satan and Hell themselves exist?

I read a book several years ago, entitled The Warhound And the World’s Pain, by Michael Moorcock. I’m not sure if Lucifer’s story (in this book) jibes with any particular accepted mythological paradigm, but it was a reasonably enjoyable read. Essentially, Lucifer’s revolt was based in a refusal to follow God’s order that he (Lucifer) be of service to humanity. Lucifer’s rationale is that he should not have to serve anyone of lower stature than God Himself.

“The Devil”, of course, has been imagined and personified

in the bible THE Satan was more of a job description then an individual being. His JOB was to tempt mortals and show them to be flawed.

His metamorphosis into a specific rebelling angel was slow. And needless to say what he seems to be in some chapters conflicts with others.

So pick one you like and go with it.

Satan is the partner of god from time to time. Check out the Book of Job, where god, walking to and fro on the earth, makes a bar bet with satan to see if Job will still worship god after being visited with numerous miseries.

So god manages to help, or at least permit, satan to kill off some cattle & sheep, kids & servants of Job, visit him with boils and a shrew of a wife.

God knew all this misery was going to happen to innocent people because he is omniscient, and he allowed it to happen because he is omnipotent. I think god is a terrorist, just like the Israelis, and Ashcroft ought to send him and satan off to Guantanamo.

Anyone who manages to work for one of those bastards ought to be sent there too.

kaylasdad99, I’ve always liked that book. I wrote a paper in a college english class once, comparing that one with Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End (I think that’s the one - it was so long ago - aliens bring enlightenment to humans, but they look like devils?) and a few other instances of the Devil in popular literature. I’ve used the Warhound to illustrate sympathetic portrayals of the devil in the Sunday School class I teach.

Lots of mileage out of that book. . . :cool:

Could satan repent? No. God makes it clear in the book of Revelation that satan will rebel until the end, and he will be thrown into hell where he will remain forever.

More importantly, however, God has made NO WAY for fallen angels to be forgiven. He sent Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of humankind, so that we might be saved, but he did not extend any way for fallen angels to be forgiven of their sins. They must pay for their sins themselves. It is not just a matter of “repenting” of sin…there has to be someone who will accept that repentance and someone who will PAY THE PRICE for you. This offer is made to us, but not to satan and his demons.

Hebrews 2
16For surely it is not angels he helps, but Abraham’s descendants.

“That seems like a pretty big sin compared to me telling a teacher that my dog ate my homework. But that’s a lie and I’d go to hell for it (for eternity)”

You’re saying that telling one lie means that you will go to hell for eternity? Have you ever heard of Purgatory?

Dwalin, I think Purgatory is only available to Catholics. Protestants have to go straight to hell.

The concept of Satan changed a great deal over the centuries in which the Bible was written. From

The concept of Satan changed a great deal over the centuries in which the Bible was written. From

It’s kinda like how I don’t agree with some of my friends on some topics so we avoid them so we can stay friends. We stay away from politics and God and Satan stay away from the nature of evil. Or like divorced people who are still fuck buddies. They can’t live with each other but it’s nice to get together now and then.

I asked my wife which heresy it was that says that God rules Heaven and Satan rules the Earth. She replied, “Most of them.”

So who appointed him “ruler of this age”? And why did God willingly abdicate His rule?

Posted by dropzone:

One in particular, actually: Gnosticism. From

Mormons are Gnostics? Interesting . . .

And from

Actually, the Gnostic Demiurge is supposed to have been supreme on this earth from the beginning and did not rebel against the higher Supreme Being, so it is probably a mistake to equate him/it with Satan.

I submit to you that that question would be better asked in another thread.

That doesn’t jibe with the whole concept of Jesus, though. Consider:

Someone has to pay the price for you. The price of sin is an eternity in Hell. Thus, if someone were to pay the price of sin for you, that someone would have to spend an eternity in Hell in your place. Jesus is in Heaven, not Hell. Thus Jesus has not paid the price of sin for you. If anything, it would seem that Jesus has convinced his Dad to simply absolve you of having to pay the price at all. Thus, God is perfectly willing to simply wipe the slate clean, and cancel any price that might have been required.

So we see that all that is required is repenting, with God deciding that no one has to pay the price for your sin. And so, I have to ask, what exactly is the point of Jesus’ crucifixion? He’s obviously not paying for your sins, or else he’d be in Hell right now. So what’s the deal?

I read that some religious sects believe that Satan is free to return to Heaven as soon as he repents, and that same deal is offered to everyone who goes to Hell - so the only people who are in Hell are those who refuse to repent for their sins. I don’t know any more details than this, though.