Satanists propose monument to the Dark Lord on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds


How could the OK lawmakers who approved the 10 Commandments monument not have seen this coming?

the lawmakers had their blinders on “Ok, maybe we’ll have to let the Catholics and the Methodists put a monument up, but that’s it”.

More likely though, they wanted to put the 10 commandments up and anything else is a post facto reasoning - one that happened to bite them on their ass.

Love the idea.

Of course it will never get approved, but I would totally road trip to Oklahoma just to see it.

Nice looking statue/monument.
I especially like the two children staring up in adoration at the goat-headed God.
This is more of a traditional Baphomet interpretation, so anyone expecting ‘Old Scratch’ with pointed tail and pitchfork are going to somewhat disappointed.

My prediction is that this will never make it to the OK State House grounds, but the court challenges should interesting.

I look forward to the Flying Spaghetti Monster statue and the J.R. “Bob” Dobbs diorama.

Ask, and His Noodly Appendage will grant it.

Well, I think it’s lovely, but it doesn’t really capture Satan’s likeness, IMO.

The atheists in Starke, FL did get their monument (actually a bench) up. Sometimes the courts do make the the 10 commandment enthusiasts reap what they sow.

I agree. Dick Cheney would make a good model for it.

That was a low blow.

Even Satan doesn’t deserve that.

I await the statue of the Great Green Arkleseziure, the Great Prophet Zarquon, and the Dread Cthulu

Fair’s fair and all that, but I think the Satan worshippers are overlooking the fact that the 10 commandments are basically 10 good rules to keep you from pissing people off and living what you’ve accepted as a righteous lifestyle. Satan is traditionally the embodied antithesis of that. We tend not to build monuments to people who oppose unity, good works, etc.

  • Yes, I am willfully overlooking the horrors perpetrated by religion in general and the Abrahamic traditions specifically.


4 of them are rules specifically for followers of that religion (set forth by what appears to be a pretty insecure God, nonetheless.

The rest are nothing unique to Christianity.

Well technically, they weren’t given to Christians. They’re Jewish rules. In any event I’m confused about the disagreement. Even an atheist would do well to abide by #5-10 so…good rules, yeh? And celebrating their antithesis…bad, yeah?

It’s not about the rules. The 10 commandment fetishists want to show how holy they are. The Satanists want to say “fuck that.” No one is really contemplating which rules we are going to live by. And, even if they were, no monument would make a lick of difference.

There are also about 1,000 other rules that people should live by. Carving 6 of them on a rock is falling a bit short of establishing an all-encompassing moral guideline. If you want to pick 10 or 50 or 1,000 random ‘good ideas to live by’ and carve them on another rock to display, I don’t have a problem with that.

The Church of Satan doesn’t worship satan, nor is their philosophy necessarily the direct antithesis of the 10 commandments. Though, they do contradict old chestnuts like “turn the other cheek”.

Plus there are lots of variants on Satanism. Some are agnostic, some are paganesque, and there’s always Luciferianism, which contradicts the (typically) self-interested Satanist viewpoint by promoting the spread of knowledge, moral behavior, protection of nature, and generally becoming a decent and accomplished human being.

I do love this one. And I appreciate that it will be practical as well, so that you can sit in Baphomet’s lap. :slight_smile:

I would like to see a ride at the Great State Fair of Oklahoma with that theme. The pay $8 to park in red mud parking lot proves it’s already run by the Lord of All Evil.

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