Satan's ass – and what you'd like to shove up there

Is it just me or does Satan and heatherlee have a major ass fetish going on? Now, since this is so mundane and pointless, let’s share the fun things we would like to insert into his anal cavity.

I have an old 1965 Buick Special that might fit there. Come on, folks, back me up: what would you like to shove up the Dark Lord’s Butt?

Be creative! Be deep! Be sick and twisted!


First, you’d have to pull out his head …

(Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink: )

The New York Yankees. And their Buicks.

Well, if I’m “backing you up” my mind isn’t on Satans ass. :wink:

Beyond that, I’d guess the toe of my boots the best I can think of. I think I’ll defer to SqrlCub on this one :D.

Temujin – I already covered that. He came back with the thought that he had already removed his own head and found mine there. I wondered why my smoke kept going out… you have to be more creative than that!

How about a Howitzer? I’ve felt that one was up my ass, maybe he would feel one up his too.


Al Gore & Dan Quayle.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

Even though this was supposed to be in fun, it reeks of a personal attack to me. Sent to the pit.

Saint Eutychus