Satan's whims brought me here.

I went to the site Satan mentioned in a thread on The Great Debates section of the board.
It is a UBB board similar to this one. It has several topics, mostly religious in nature.

I went to one entitled “End Time Events”.
And found quite a delicious quote I just had to share with everyone.

SpaceDog777 showed us magic with:

Haven’t we all had our doubts about David Copperfield? He probably will start a one world government with Penn and Teller as his lead officers, and Doug Henning as his Minister of the Groovy Hat.
Funny, I though.

Here is the link to that thread.

It appears they have also included an unmoderated forum at:

Forum 9

Although you need to first register on their board before you can post.

I’ve seen Penn and Teller. Personally, if you could vote for Secretary of State, I’d start a write-in campaign.

Yep. That message board would be up there with The Onion for hilarity, except most ofn them really mean it.

“Questionable ethnicity”? Wow…

Yer pal,