Saturday morning puzzle II

My mind drifted from the book I was reading as I thought about Paris in those days and how much the music had changed. I went to where the Beatles were, looking for something. When I found it, I examined the photographs closely until I saw a double-decker bus. Peering closer, I recognized the white automobile.

I paid a visit to the manufacturer and found out what they wanted. And that reminded me of the game that my friend who lives in Georgia plays professionally. I thought I might find him at the organization he’d joined.

While there, I browsed from room to room until I stumbled upon a veritable museum of their history. I was interested in the events that might have occured the same year that Plymouth introduced its first V8 engine. Investigating, I saw who won the award that year and where he had worked. Naturally, I felt the need to go there.

Carefully avoiding knockoffs and me-toos, I persevered until I found the right place and saw who owned it back then. Ah! Interesting name! I began to hum a familiar ditty, which took me by surprise especially considering the book I was reading.

You do know who wrote the book I was reading, right?

I resurrect this for the benefit of those who might stumble in on Sunday morning and wish to solve a mystery puzzle.

I was puzzled over this yesterday, but can’t solve it. I do hope you’ll give the answer if no one else does.

Sure, Hob. If no one solves it today, I’ll post the answer tomorrow.

I’ve already blown an hour of my precious Sunday morning trying to get this one, and I haven’t got step one.

Before giving the answer, maybe a hint. I’m really lost on this one.

Okay. Start at and look for Something.

Well, I’m thinking Ben Hogan. At least I found the mnuseum…

Help me out here, Lib. Were the owner’s initials G.S.M.?

And is this what you’re reading?

By George, I have no idea what ditty you start humming after you think of the owner. You lost me one step before the end, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Same boat here.

Scratch that last guess. I forgot about Paris.

Hob, nope. Sorry.

Well, remember that when I heard the tune, I was taken by surprise. There might have even been a pair of roving eyes.

Here is a link to the complete walkthrough.

I too was taken by surprise at the tune. So surprised that I would’ve never gotten it. Well, maybe eventually.

Another great puzzle though Lib. My wife would like to hunt you down and kill you, however, because instead of cleaning the floors, I spent a good two hours on your puzzle. Now it looks like I’ll be up till midnight with my old pal, Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Thanks again.

I had you humming Rod Stewart’s Maggie May.
BTW, if I read this correctly, the first honest-to-goodness Plymouth V8 didn’t come out until '56. The '55 Plymouth V8 was a ‘borrowed’ Dodge.

But who’s nitpicking?

Good puzzle, Lib.