Saturday Night Live 9/26

Hosted by Megan Fox, with musical guest U2.

U2 was great, as usual. Loved Bono’s flying microphone swing and laser jacket at the end.

There were a lot of good laughs in the show. The Khadafi bit at the beginning was good, as was the airplane skit. Weekend Update was good, although I definitely miss Amy Poehler. Two digital shorts: The first one was completely unfunny to me, but the second was was OK. Nothing really memorable. I’d rate the show overall a solid B-.

One of the cast members (one of the newer women; I am not sure which one) very audibly said “fuck” accidentally during one of the last sketches. It pretty clearly slipped out so I hope she doesn’t get into trouble over it. Fourth time in SNL history that someone has dropped the F-bomb on the air, for those of you who might be historically minded.

You could see her trying to inhale it back in. After it was out there I’m amazed it didn’t happen again in that scene. A hundred “fricks” and one lonely “fuck”.

Overall I am not a Megan Fox fan, but I was pretty impressed with her. At the very least, she is a total pro.

It blew her timing for the rest of the sketch. I could hear a tiny pause before each “frickin” as (I’m sure) she was making sure she didn’t slip up again.

Yeah, Megan Fox handled herself well. I was more than a little :rolleyes: at how she played the stereotypical sexy girl in almost every skit - hello, branch out a little? - but whatever, it’s Megan Fox.

I flipped back to SNL just in time to hear that “fuck”, then the sketch proceeded (or likely continued) to use frick and frig, and for a second I thought I must have misheard. But no. Keep fucking that chicken, SNL.

I say fuck often enough that’s there’s no way I could get through all those frickens without a slip up.

Freaking friggen fuck!

Just caught the clip on Youtube. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought SNL is on a delay for these sort of things. Someone in the editing booth fall asleep?

SNL is not broadcast on a delay. They rebroadcast the show for the Pacific and Mountain time zones, and usually when something like this happens, they’ll use the dress rehearsal version of the skit instead for that rebroadcast. Or maybe they’ll just bleep it, I don’t know.

I was surprised to hear Don Pardo’s still there. No cite, but I remember reading that he was anxious to retire; he had been flying out from Arizona every week (at age 91!). I hope Lorne compromised and he’s doing it remotely.

I felt really bad for the new girl; had it been an existing cast member, who cares? But this was about 60 seconds into her first sketch EVER. I bet she’s pounding shots right now.

I love the way she blows out her cheeks like a bullfrog right after she lets it slip. What a way to introduce yourself on your first skit!

Holy cow, is that all he is? I remember him as the announcer for the Art Fleming Jeopardy show in the 1960s. I figured he had to be in 3 digits by now.

I believe they let Pardo record his intro’s from his home in AZ a few years ago, but Lorne didn’t like how that was working so they asked him to come back to doing them live in NY. He still travels from AZ to NY for each show, I think.

They dubbed in a “frickin’” for the west coast feed.

Really? I saw a blog comment somewhere from someone in Seattle who said she heard it unedited. Odd.

I just watched it on my DVR and the cheek puff was there, but a “frickin” was substituted. The F-bomb would’ve made news immediately, so no westward affiliate in their right mind would broadcast it unedited.

I totally missed the swearing, but I just saw it on youtube.

Show was pretty solid. Megan Fox was pretty good in front of the live audience and the monolog was just funny enough.

The airplane and biker skits were pretty funny, the first digital short was eh OK. It had its moments but overall wasn’t that funny. The Russian bride was amuzing as well and I’m glad they didn’t end it wiht an obvious “I’ll take the cheaper one!”

Wiig doing the “just kidding” woman is amazing. Even if it’s not the funniest thing, the fact that she can say all those things so fast is incredible.

I’m in the mountain time zone, and definitely heard the ‘fuck’.

Mediocre show at best, btw. Although I thought the new cast member absolutely nailed the biker chick parody. I knew people exactly like that. I mean, exactly like that. Great job.

Back in the late 70’s Paul Shaffer (yes, THAT Paul Shaffer) was in a sketch where he had to say “floggin’” about 100 times in a row. He slipped once and dropped an F-Bomb in the same way. Both he and the show survived.

Yeah, I am thinking nobody is getting fired over this one. The other two cast members that have said “fuck” on-air were Charles Rocket and Norm MacDonald, and both of them did wind up getting fired (although in Norm’s case, it wasn’t immediate) but they both had network execs gunning for them for other reasons anyway, so it’s not really a similar situation. Also, neither of those were as obviously and clearly accidental slip-ups like this one and Shaffer’s were.

Who the fuck cares? Anyone who’s actually up watching tv at midnight on the weekend should be totally familiar with that word.

Norm got fired because Don Ohlmeyer, hated him; it didn’t have to do with his accidental “fuck.” Charles Rocket got fired because he deliberately screwed up a sketch and said “fuck” on purpose.

I’m always surprised that SNL can never seem to pull off a competent season premier. They have the whole summer to think of funny ideas. Maybe they just need to get back in the swing of things; the best episodes always seem to be in the winter and spring.

I’m also really pissed off that they fired Casey Wilson for no discernible reason. :frowning: