Satyajit Ray's Oscar

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Satyajit Ray (the legendary Indian director,cinematographer etc,etc) was supposed to be given the Honorary Oscar in 1992 (am not so sure about the year), but he died before the Oscar ceremonies. Now I want to know who he had wanted to present the Oscar to him (had he been on stage)? His acceptance speech was shown in the ceremony as a tape previously recorded in the hospital in which he was admitted.
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Well, according to this timeline, the original announcement of the award was made on 15th December 1991 and the ceremony then took place on 30th March, while according to Britannica he didn’t die until 23rd April 1992. The impression I get is that his appearence was still pre-recorded rather than live.

This, of course, still doesn’t answer your precise question.

Satyajit Ray was still alive at the time his honorary Oscar was presented. An Academy delegate presented the Oscar to him in the hospital shortly before the ceremony, and his acceptance was filmed. On Oscar night, Audrey Hepburn made the official presentation and Ray’s acceptance speech was played.

This Times Mirror article (scroll down), discusses the presentation, but doesn’t indicate whether Ray specifically chose Hepburn (or someone else) to make the presentation.