Saucywench suspended rather than banned?

OK - she got pushed a little in that one thread but it was still over the top at least in terms of jerkishness if not beyond. And with the thread locked after she was banned just to be unlocked long enough to lighten it to a week and basically shift blame to Charley Wayne after he was banned?

How did that all happen? I’ve read back quite a few posts from her and my take would be the first decision was the right one based on the general history of the Mods the last couple months. Is there something else involved?

No complaints about Charlie being gone but clearly saucywench should also have remained banned or at least gotten a month off rather than a week. Just in terms of consistency.

The other issue that should be brought to mods’ attention is Charlie Wayne’s comment in the (now closed) other ATMB thread about saucywench, which seemed like a non sequitur and was out of character for the (fake) Charle Wayne persona. It’s suggestive that the two are socks of the same person, i.e. this person intended to make that comment as saucywench but was inadvertently logged in as Charlie Wayne. There’s discussion of this in the Pit thread about Charlie Wayne.

saucywench seemed to be having some sort of meltdown in that thread. She had no previous warnings. In such cases, our policy has typically been to give a short suspension rather than an outright ban. She was initially suspended for one week, but due to server issues and timeouts her title appeared as “banned.” That has now been corrected. The term was not “lightened,” it was just a matter of changing the title. Moderation on this was in line with previous practice for similar offenses.

We have no evidence of socking by either poster. If anyone has positive evidence, please forward it to us. Most if not all of the speculation in the Pit is wrong or without evidence.

We have no direct evidence of socking by either poster. If anyone has positive evidence, please forward it to us. Most if not all of the speculation in the Pit is wrong or without evidence.

Sorry for the copy and paste but I can’t raise a quote from a locked thread

"Give us a break, willya? As has been pointed out, we are extremely short-handed at the moment, its the weekend, and forum mods are not on 24/7. We’ve also been having board problems. The snark is not warranted. You know perfectly well such posts are unacceptable and will be moderated once a mod can get to them. How about giving us the benefit of the doubt?

To others: Please do be patient if your thread report is not attended to immediately. We do try to get to everything as soon as we can.

Since the poster in question has been banned, I’m closing this."
I took this to mean that SW was indeed banned. Unless “the poster in question” was CW. It just gets very confusing trying to figure out what was what in all this. I guess we’ll just write it off to being a rather hectic weekend.

Sorry for the confusion. As I said, we’ve been short handed this weekend, the board was down for a while, and we are still having server time-out problems. It took me a little while to determine what saucywench’s actual status was. At that time, saucywench’s title was showing “banned,” and Charlie Wayne had not yet been banned. I was referring to saucywench. Once I determined her status I came back to make the correction.

You said it!:smiley:

Okely-dokely; ignorance AND confusion fought. You can leave this open for other folks who had the same “huh?” as me or close this as well; totally up to you.

I’ll close it. People with further questions can PM a mod.