Saudi Arabia and sharia law

It’s the 21st century for fuck’s sake!!!

Not only is that utterly fucked up, but the charges against the guys were total bullshit: looks like Islamist terrorist bombs pawned off onto allegations booze-smuggling - killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. According to the Sunday Times, oneof the people convicted was a nurse who saved the life of one of the victims. This guy helped direct the police, while keeping the other guy alive, and when the police arrived they arrested him.

A few more facts:

  1. He’s been released and sent back to Briain
  2. He was a convicted terrorist.
  3. Such a punishment is legal under Sharia law
  4. His confession was tortured out of him
  5. I can’t find any evidence for the crucifiction, except from Mr Mitchell.
  6. He was probably a scapegoat convicted beacause the Saudis were loathe to admit to terrorism in 2001. Times have changed.

I know, the least they could do is televise these things. When are these damn rag heads going to get up to speed . . .

Just wait until Amnesty International hears about this.

There’ll be hell to pay, I tell you!

Alan, while I’m sure you’re being sarky, AI do have an ongoing camaign against human right abuses in Saudi Arabia:

There were several men all up for the same conspiracy charges. From here

It does make you wonder how a guy can drop from 214 lbs to 146 lbs in such comfort, doesn’t it?