Saving .mov files from a Web site

I’m trying to save some videos from this site, which says you can download them by right clicking and selecting “‘download’ (or some such choice).” But when I right click I’m told I have to have Quicktime Pro ($30) to save a movie. And when I use File/Save Page As… from Firefox’s menu, it saves a 1 KB file with the correct file name that seems to be merely a bookmark to the original source. (MSIE won’t even let me select “Save as.”)

Several online sources (here and here, for instance) claim I should be able to save the movie directly with this method, without needing Quicktime Pro. Has Apple made Quicktime more restrictive, or is the Web site set up wrong, or am I doing something wrong?

I’m on a PC running XP Pro, Firefox 2.0, MSIE 6.0.


The first two links by each video are streaming links…you can’t download those unless you have quicktime pro or some other product. The last two links should let you download them by right-clicking. It worked for me.

Here are the links in question:

Small Streaming 320x240 - 660kbps 
Big Streaming 640x480 - 1250kbps 
iPhone 480x360 (192Mb) 
3GPP Cell Phone 176x132 (16Mb)

You should be able to right-click on both the iPhone and 3GPP link and download them.

BTW, I love this show.

:smack: D’oh! I wasn’t paying attention! Never mind.

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