Saving a movie streamed from the internet

This has happened to me more and more recently. I find a neato link to a small movie, say, clips from a tv show or a movie trailer and, after watching it, go to save it.

When I save it from in Windows Media Player 6.4 or RealPlayer, all I get is a little 1k file that links back to the site I got it from. If I go to that site and try to just download the movie, it either won’t let me, or it gives me the same little file. I want to have the actual movie.

I know that if I can watch the movie, I should be able to copy it for my own use (to watch again) and that the data SHOULD be somewhere. But I can’t find it in any temp folder.

Does anyone know how to save those movies that don’t seem to want to be saved? They are in my experience either Realmovies, or .asx, whatever that is.

Real media junk is especially designed so you can’t save them. These is a program called xfileget that is supposed to get around this. Search on Google and you will find it (most of the pages arent in english though).

Streaming Quicktime movies, such as the ones at, and be found in your cache folder with the mov file extension.

Damn, that sounds like a neat little program. Must go get it. :slight_smile:

What I have been doing for most of these is going into the source code (which, invariably, is a big muddled mess, even for source code) and trying to find the actual media file. It’s usually attached to an akamai server, but has the right file extensions and everything, so you know that you (might have) found what you’re looking for.

On another note, most movie trailers can be found on Apple’s quicktime page, regardless of where you might have first seen them (the movie’s home page, for example). Hope this helps.

So is it porn you’re trying to save?

It’s porn, isn’t it?

Come on, you’ve got some streamin’ porn that you want to keep, am I right?

You can save most video files by right-clicking on the link and chooseing “save target as”. If you get an .html file as the target, follow the link and then stop loading the page. Right click and choose “view source” and look for a link to the movie to “save target as”(I use this on flash movies quite a bit by making a fake web page with a link to right-click on).


Real media files are notoriously difficult to get a hold of due to the way they are incorporated into the page. At any rate, that program (which I have never heard of either) sounds awesome.

It seems that xfilget became Streambox VCR and was sued out of existance by Real.

It’s not porn, and I know that realmedia is hard to save, but there are others now.

I also know about apple’s quicktime trailers, but they didn’t have it.

The trailer I want to get is from the movie Bring it On (yeah, I know, almost porn :). The only place I can find it is on their site, and when I open it up, it says something like: Advanced Streaming Redirect as the file type. It’s .asx

I searched my cache, and it wasn’t there. And there is no other link to it.

I’ll look for that program for realmovies, but I am not very hopefull after hearing others difficulty to find it.

Thanks for everybody’s help, but I’m obviously going to need an application that does this especially, as I have tried all the obvious stuff.

sorry. Their site is

See what I mean for yourself

It appears they’re using a basic setup. Here are some hints.

The selections for the movies are links to various .asx files. Right-click on one of the links and use “save target as” to save one of the files. Use a hex editor to see what’s in it.

Right-click on one of those links again and select “copy shortcut”. Paste it into notepad and check out how it’s coded.

Like Zgy said, the asx files are just a href. Save 'em, open 'em up in notepad, and see what file it’s referencing. Copy the path to the asx file, and replace the filename with whatever is referenced in the asx. It works fine. On all the Bring it On files. Why did I have to download all of them? Well, um, for, um, research. Yes, I had to download all of them for research. (And for the record, you can watch them all you want, and they won’t go away. See the lengths I’m willing to go for you, man.) :slight_smile:

I must not be doing it correctly. When I open up the asx files in notepad, i see this:


<ASX version=“3”>
<TITLE>Bring It On</TITLE>
<COPYRIGHT>Universal Studios</COPYRIGHT>
<ref href=“bringit_100k.asf”/>


the url of the asx file is:

what, exactly, do I do? I would think that I just type: into the web browser, but this does not bring up a movie that I can save. What am I missing?

<ASX version=“3”>
<TITLE>Bring It On</TITLE>
<COPYRIGHT>Universal Studios</COPYRIGHT>
<ref href=" "/>

That makes the link work, IMATION, but I still don’t have the actual file.

Whoops, sorry. This is what I get for doing my posting during commercial breaks. Once you have the “correct” URL, stick it into a program like Net Vampire (what I use) or GetRight, and it should save the file to your HD.

iamthewalrus(:3=, maybe if you gave us the URL to the flick we could try ourselves???

Read the whole thread before posting, handy, and you’d find it:

Or is that too much to ask you to do?

You got it. Just right-click on that link and do save target as. It worked for me. Its 2.84 mb.

Thanks everyone for all your help.