Saw a guy's eyesocket on TV

I was flicking around on TV the other night and settled on some sort of “How do they do it” show on some sort of science channel. They did a thing on how glass eyes are made and they showed a guy’s face with no eyeball on one side, suddenly, without warning. Gave me the willies, but once I got over the shock, the rest of the show was pretty cool. Glass eyes these days track just like real eyes because of the remaining muscles in the eyesocket. Awesome!

Was that “How It’s Made?” I love that show! I watched them build a cello out of carbon fibre cloth today. I think I saw the one with them making glass eyeballs once, too - how they paint them all up and everything, if I recall correctly. I don’t remember the sudden empty eyesocket, though, and you think you’d remember something like that.