You lose an eye. Eye patch? Glass eye? Other?

This was brought to mind by this comment in the military trivia thread:

It looks badasson the guy.

So do you think you could get away with the classic black eye patch look? Would you opt for a realistic glass eye? Something else?

Forget realistic glass eye. I’d get one that was a cat pupil, or flames, or something awesome. My students would never act up again. :slight_smile:

I never pass up an opportunity to look like a pirate.

Seconded, maybe something with crosshairs.

I’d have a patch like that Chang dude in Star Trek IV, but with permanently embedded snaps instead of (what I assume) are rivets.

I may have put more thought than necessary into this.

A Magic 8-Ball might be nice. Cut down on the chit chat.

I have a question. What’s up with those opaque-colored eyes that some people get?

Like here. That is guaranteed to get a double take.

Go with the patch, it’s much more mysterious.

Eyepatch with half a nail sticking out. I’d tell people that the doctors said that if I remove the nail I’d have a seizure and die instantly.

Good place for a sea monkey aquarium too.

How about real flames! It has a burner inside that runs off of lighter fluid or something.

Okay, I know that probably isn’t doable. Maybe a video of a flame.

A glass eye, just so I can tap it with a pencil in meetings.

How about something functional? Maybe a laser pointer or poison gas dispenser. Or maybe it could be an MP3 player. The phones socket could be the pupil.

Think big.

I would go for a glass eye that integrates a digital video recorder.

Then by wireless or by projecting the recording back from the same eye I can show the recording to others.

I could be the perfect spy… or teacher. :slight_smile:

Eyepatches are an automatic +50 badass. It’s one of those things where no matter what you look like, it makes you look more awesome. Might as well get something out of losing an eye.

Dark glasses. Dark glasses are just cool, anyways, if one has a legit reason to be wearing them. Missing eye? I’d say that’s legit.

I’m sure I read something recently that this had actually been done. Can’t find it now, of course.

I’d go one better than that, and rock my eyeglasses Airwolf style.

Or even better yet, a glass eye with a pencil sharpener in it!

Personally I’d go with the eyepatch, I just think it looks cool although not everyone is cut out to be Nick Fury.

A cousin of mine is an artist and he has a glass eye (lost an eye when he was a toddler). His big break came when he painted a new eye for himself (he has made some very tiny, intricate paintings that you have to zoom in on to see all the details) and printed up some very large prints of his face so you could see the “installation”. It was pretty cool.

He doesn’t wear an eyepatch and if you met him it’d take you a little while to realize that he doesn’t have the standard set of two eyeballs.

Umm, clearly a whirling Mad-Eye Moody number. But a solid black glass eye for formal occasions.