Saw V:

I did a search on this and came back with nothing, forgive me if there has already been a thread on this subject.
I have been noticing the advertisements for the fifth installment of the Saw series, and I have to say I don’t know if I am going to put myself through it. I have stuck with these movies, because I really enjoyed the first one. The original, though the acting was mostly poor, was fun and new. The others have steadily gotten worse. The third one wasn’t completely terrible, even though is was painfully predictable, but it was by no means great. These movies have become less thrilling and more, let us SHOCK you with guts!
Is anyone still looking forward to the next Saw? Have they just run these movies into the ground, or have I just lost what little tolerance I had for the gore?

Ugh. I’ll be dragged to this by my SO, but am not looking forward to it.

Well Antinor01, I think your reply about sums up the level of excitement about this film.

I won’t waste my time on any more Saw films, but I did enjoy the two Hostel movies.

I understand one of the deathtraps in Saw V will be a DVD player rigged to eject the disk at high speed, slicing off the head of the person who didn’t want to watch any more of Saw IV.

So you saw a 20+ year-old cheesy sci-fi miniseries about Nazi aliens that came to earth to steal our food and breed with our teenagers. Big deal.

However, I still remember the scene where Diana ate the rat/guinea pig/whatever. :eek:


I dunno if I’ll see it or not. I can’t really explain why I went to the theatre to see the first 4. The first one was good but the acting sucked and the plot had more holes in it than I can count. The next three were terrible. Right after IV came out I heard they were contracted up to VII but I bet this one bombs and the next two are straight to video.

I’l pass. Last weekend my gf and I were out and about when a bus passed us with a Saw V poster on the side. I commented out loud “another one?” and she said how she really liked the first one, and I told her that the first was classic, but I saw 2-4 and they sucked, and she said how she’d been wanting to see the sequels but now won’t bother.

4 was the worst of them yet, between making the main character the only minor character from the series who HADN’T been killed yet, the unbelievable traps (the humab pincushion, for example) and the goofy parallel story with a SECOND apprentice (how in the hell John managed to get THAT set up without Shawnee knowing, is the only thing I want to know).

I may check out 5 once the unrated bluray is out (cuz cmon, who pays to see an r rated horror film?) but for the first time I am not the least bit excited.

And here I thought you finally saw the TV show or noticed the book.

I really did dig the first one, thought the second one sucked, the third wasn’t great but it was a lot better than the second one.

Since the third one was better than the second, they were able to hold onto me for one more. Then, with 4, I don’t really know how good I thought it was as a movie overall- but I was really impressed with the whole idea of making a sequel in which the action was concurrent with the previous entry in the series.

I don’t know if this was the first time a film series ever tried this, but it was the first time I had ever seen it done.

I can’t imagine they have much more to offer, but since I liked the idea they ran with in 4 I’ll give 5 a chance.

I like the idea of Saw. The first one is probably one of my favorite movies ever. The second one sucked. I hated it from it’s inception mostly because none of my friends wanted to see the first one with be because it wasn’t interesting enough to them. But when they added the premise of “more bodies” and “more deaths” as a tagline, suddenly all my friends wanted to watch it with me.

The third one was better but nowhere near the original. The fourth one I found to be interesting in execution. I’m going to see this (and the sixth) even though I don’t particularly like the gore and some of the scenes have made me squeamish before. I just like the psychology behind each overall “game.”

Huh. The second one is actually my favorite of the four.

I’ll be all over the fifth as soon as it hits cable.

The series doesn’t have nearly a strong enough hold on me for me to say right now that I’ll see the sixth.
The first was so good that I wanted to see the third despite not liking the second.
The third was only just good enough to get me to see the fourth.
The fourth, with it’s interesting diversion from the traditional linear sequel, has me interested enough to see the fifth. But this series is just barely holding onto me. If I don’t like the fifth, no way I’ll sit through a sixth.