Say "2% Cheeeeeeeeeeese"!

I spied them in the grocery store a couple of months ago, and since we watch our fat intake (but all love cheese), I thought I’d give it a go. Nice surprise, it tastes great! Not nearly as heinous as Fat free cheese-which is an abomination.

We’ve had all the flavors of the singles (the swiss is not all that great).

We’ve had the sharp cheddar chunk and the shredded cheddar.

It advertizes itself as 1/3 the fat…about 6 grams for an ounce of shredded or chunk, 3 to 5 grams per single slice. The shredded even has twice the calcium of normal shreds.

Anyone else got opinions on it?


Yup, it’s pretty tasty stuff, just not quite as shiny melted.

Yes. I prefer to think of it as matte finish :smiley:

As in “door matte” finish, I presume?