Say hi hi to Maomao

A month ago (give or take), she didn’t know the boards existed. Then I introduced her to the “is that a leg?” thread, and now she’s a registered member. Funny the way these things work, isn’t it?

Anyway, help me celebrate her arrival and mourn the sudden departure of any free time she may have otherwise had. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards Maomao, happy to meetcha.:slight_smile:
Welcome to the boards Maomao, happy to meetcha.:slight_smile:


Listen to your friend! Free time becomes a distant memory. The trade-off is lots of people to talk to, laugh at, reason with, p!ss off, etc.

That was an interesting thread for a first read…

Hi. Fun. Have some. Enjoy.

(And, because KKBattousai wasn’t very specific, you can tell us about you.)

**Hi Maomao **

Have you met Mu Mu yet?

This calls for a parphrase of the David Letterman Oscar introduction of Uma to Oprah:

Maomao, Mu Mu
Mu Mu, Maomao

HI hi, maomao. Welcome welcome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

::tips hat::

Welcome aboard(s) Maomao!

Welcome, Maomao!

It’ll be so nice to have someone around to help me pester KKBattousai! :smiley:

Seriously, though, I think you’ll have a great time here. It’s a fun place, and there’s lots of wonderful people here. (Just watch what you’re stepping into, especially in the Pit.)

Happy posting!

Just remember, don’t eat anything while you’re in the SDMB Underworld, or you can never leave.

(Care for an Altoid?)

Catrandom, she’s not even here and you stumble upon her one (of a thousand) weakness - mints. I have never known her to be without either mints of some kind or another, or hand lotion (don’t ask).

Anyway, before the inevitable cries of “where the heck is the person we’re welcoming” begin, she’s sick. Coughing, sniffling, throwing up, all that fun stuff. Knowing her, she’ll cut class and be on here tomorrow though, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Have fun! How did you choose your name?


We should have a feast for Maomao. :smiley:

(Screamin’ Jay Hawkins reference.)

I don’t know about Maomao but the Mau-Mau were a Kenyan organisation, drawn largely from the Gikuyu/Kikuyu tribe, that from 1952 to 1956 fought the British Army. Unhappy at colonial rule and land shortages they rebelled and it wasn’t until the better equipment of the British troops and the RAF was brought to bear that the uprising was quelled. Even though the aims might have been laudable I’ve still seen them referred to in a number of sources as a terrorist group not afraid to revert to machete attacks, boobytraps and assassinations.

Some Kenyan history for your gratification

THank you all for welcoming me! I feel like a Princess, although that probably doesn’t have much to do with the welcome, I often feel like a Princess, overactive imagination.

My name doesn’t have the most auspicious of beginnings. My real name is Melody, most people call me Mel, but my best friend in High School, always said it twice. Well… this girl that we hated called me that once also, so she changed what she called me to Mao Mao, it stuck.

KKBattousai is very ver evil though. Knowing how much I love to procrastinate, he still introduced me to these boards, so if I end up flunking out of school it will be his fault. But KK, I just want you to know that I did go to class today, well one of them anyway.

Other than that, Melody in a three lines or less:
I am 21 year old female (melody would be a strange boys name) I’m a Fiction Writing major, I am (hopefully) graduating in May, loves, Football, boys, reading, writing, shopping, dolphins, (not the Miami kind) and BVS, (I don’t have a TV, but KK tapes it for me every week and I watch it later!)Hates, Stupidity, ignorance and people who don’t use their blinker

Oh, and I feel I have to explain my breathmints, I’m Italian, I eat Garlic on Everything, and lots of it. Not everyone is as much of a fan of it as I am, sooo, it’s good to be prepared. (Smints are the best, mostly because they come in a fun to open container)
So Catrandom, you are unable to tempt me, your altoids pale in comparison to the three different types of mints I have in my purse, Ha Ha. Although had you offered me the pomegranate, i probably would have accepted it, oh well, I still have the power to leave this place… for now.

And to always carrying lotion, well, it has many uses.

:: Narile tempts with three pomegranite seeds and four Frisk mints. ::

Hi hi MaoMao. Welcome welcome to to the the boards boards. :):slight_smile:

Now now, Mel, whatever you may feel like calling it, your major is creative writing, not fiction writing. Let’s remember my thesis, shall we? Not fiction, per se, but, well, let’s say if you put it in your garden, it’d help your flowers grow.

And why didn’t I get offers of food when I joined? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, Maomao!

Very pleased to meet you, welcome to the boards…


Hello MaoMao, Pleased ta meet cha.

Don’t worry about that faint buzzing in the background, that’s just the real world. It’ll go away soon enough.