Say Saddam doesn't form a pact with N. Korea, he just goes there.

You know, exile! And his cronies stay in Iraq and promise to make a more democracy-like government. But the US has to leave them alone.

Saddam has pretty much said he’d rather die than go on exile or be captured. The US military will make sure he keeps his word on that.

Seriously, though, why would North Korea offer him asylum? What’s in it for them, other than possibly a minor poke in the eye at the U.S.? And then they’d be stuck with him.

Idi Amin at first went to Libya, but when his security guards got into a dustup of some kind with Libyan security, Libya kicked him out. So now he’s in Saudi Arabia. How long do you think Saddam would last in Pyongyang before they got fed up with him, or, having accomplished their Yank-poke-in-the-eye, rustled up a convenient excuse, and kicked him out? And where would he go then?

Wouldn’t do him much good other than buy him a bit more time. NK is next on the list after Iraq.