Say what, or can someone interpret please?

People say words that are plain wrong, and here’s some personal interpitation of those words. pronunciation in brackets.

Bitchapoo (Bitch-a-poo) - Term used by woman to describe a young harlot that marries her ex-husband after a divorce.
My deduction - The term is derived from the Kickapoo Indian tribe, and this wife has part Indian heritage. She also pleases him in ways the ex-wife couldn’t.

Fondulac (Fond-jewel-lack) - A city on the shores of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Like the Kickapoo river the lake has Sturgeon in quantities that no other place in the world matches.
My deduction - The term derives from a colony of Eunuchs, and a statement by President Bush made in reference to their lack of balls during his campaign. An alternate definition is the exclamation of the students at frat parties referring to non colotial sex, witch according to Clinton isn’t sex at all.

Buffet (Buff-it) – A restraunt special on Sundays.
My deduction – The term refers to a food that can be used to polish the floors, or shine shoes.

Ye Olde Shoppe (Ye-Oldy-Shop-pay)– A store with nothing new in it. So passé.
My definition. – Your pointing out an old dog with a million wrinkles that looks like a pig.

I’ve never heard that word, but I would have imagined it was more intimately connected with her having got her mitts on the magic phallus.

I can see that I forgot one thing. Feel free to post words people say, that are not words the way they pronounce them, or are made up by them. Post what you feel in your heart and mind, when they use that word, not what they meant.