SC Judge Souter may lose home via eminent domain

Probably won’t happen, but it would be pretty damn funny if it did.


Pretty funny.

…but now they’re just being cruel.

That’s positively diabolical. I would so stay there.

I think that’s hilarious. Do you think they’ll go after the other four judges too?

I hope it gets enough buzz for Souter to pull his head out of his butt and say, “Hey, wait a minute! You can’t do that! Oh, yeah. You can.”

I know where we are going to vacation every year if this gets built!

Please, God, please. This is just too ironic to pass up.

Assuming the developer gets the votes, and Souter’s attorney files suit to prevent the taking, what judge would rule against Souter?

I agree - the irony would be the most delicious this century so far.

I’m inquiring with the developer of the Lost Liberty Hotel about investment opportunities. When part of the world turns to s*** (as it did with that moronic SCOTUS decision), the one thing you can do is readjust your sights to see how you can play in the new economy.

Anybody have Logan Clements’ home address? I’ve got an idea.


There are phone books that tell this kinda thing. However,
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This site is not a phone book. Please, if you don’t want a upset reaction, withdraw your request.

Sour grapes, anyone?

Maybe. But, hey, tough beans. He made the rules, he’s gotta live with him. And I’d rather see rich folks get their property confiscated for once, instead of it having to be the poor all the time.

Not at all. If the hotel was proposed by somebody who is losing out because of the recent decision, then yes.

Can you say “pwned”, boys and girls? I knew you could.

Oh come on. Souter pretty much asked for it. Justice can be ironic.

I hope the thing does go through. Further I hope Souter goes ballistic, and every paper and news show in the country shows it repeatedly. :smiley:

Any fair and honest one applying the law of the land as clarified by the latest SCotUS decision.


That’s just great. Please let it pass…

If it does pass, you can bet that we’ll see the following headline within the next couple of days:

Except that any sensible authority in Souter’s home town will probably feel compelled to say, sorry dudes, the ruling was for private development in the greater public interest, not in the interest of spite.