Scam likely warning from T Mobile

Hello Everyone,

Every week or so I get a call on my cell phone that shows up on caller id as “Scam Likely”. Because I’m bored I answer the call, prepared to describe what I’m not wearing to the scanner on the other end of the call.

However, evey time I answer there’s no one on the other side and after about 20 seconds the call disconnects. What gives? What’s the scam?

Probably this:

I have T Mobile but I think other carriers are doing the scam warning too.

This is called “predictive dialing” and has been around for decades.

I’m aware of predictive dialing, but the 10 or so times I’ve picked up its just dead air and eventually disconnects. Wondering what that’s all about?

That means the predictive dialer waited for 10 seconds hoping that a telemarketer would become available to scam you. But unfortunately all their operators were busy, so it gave up and hung up on you.

Don’t worry, they will call back and hopefully you’ll get connected to a scammer next time.

Another plausible scenario is one step prior to the one already mentioned, that the initial wardialer is just creating a list of what numbers will answer cold calls of that type and there was no call center attached to it yet.

Presumably your number has now been included on a list of ‘go-to’ numbers that are known to answer such cold calls. Congratulations, now that your number is in that database, they’ll bother to put you in the dialer pool(s) that will assign you your very own live scam artist callers.