scariest places on earth

OK, being bored out of my skull waiting for Runes of Magic to finish downloading and installing an update, i decide to surf the tv and find this dreck on Syfy …

Apparently people are dumped into a purported haunted house and given some sort of task. I am watching these dweebs having a panic attack as wires slam a door shut behind or in front of them and the female is having the most absurd panic attack … I cant open the door and go through, the door will close … there are ghosts in there …

Do they not realize that the place is gimmicked up with special effects making chairs rock and doors open and close? Have they never even watched or read about supposed real hauntings? The general consensus of ‘ghost hunters’ is that ghosts have never directly harmed anybody [not going into the Bell Witch, I am still not sure but I think John Bell was poisoned by someone involved and not the Bell Witch]

I wish I could get on one of those shows. They would be paying me to watch me sleep.

You seem to be under the impression that so-called “reality TV” has anything to do with reality. These people are actors, and playing the roles they’re being paid to play.

They used to have a show years ago where they would send people, usually a family to go to some location and see if they could stay the night. It was so bogus. I couldn’t sit through an entire episode. They’d take people to a castle somewhere and tell a bogus story about Dr. Frankenstien and then the FX would begin.

Why were these people scared? I mean, sure you can startle a person by jumping out o the shadows and yelling boo, but general common sense would let them know it was all staged. As Unclerorejelio said, they’d only have paid me to watch me sleep.

You also have to wonder how scary it can be with a 3-4 man camera crew following you everywhere.

Original statement:

As quoted on Fox’s promo:

One of the earliest of these shows, and one that I think got it right, was MTV’s Fear. They’d take people to seriously creepy places (hooded and at night, so they wouldn’t know where they were going), and have them in a “safe house” on site. Each night, at around 2 AM, they’d have to put on a camera rig and do “challenges”, usually alone, somewhere on the property.

The first episode was at an abandoned prison. One challenge involved going to the execution chamber, taking the tarp off the electric chair, then sitting in the chair with lights off and maintaining radio silence for 10 minutes. Hey, looks like the first episode is on YouTube in parts!

I remember that, and it was much more well done than most of the other similar shows I’ve seen.

The sets weren’t rigged with fake haunting-type things like doors slamming, it was just based on the premise that under the right circumstances, people will freak themselves the hell out. A dark, abandoned prison is creepy enough on it’s own.

And it worked very well.

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I always wanted to take several of the really woowoo psychics [who is that idiotic blond brit woman, every single show she exclaims that ‘this is the most haunted place I have ever been in’ it seems] and go to some town in the middle of nowhere, without disclosing where they are [private plane, blacked out windows, landing and moving into a hangar to deplane into a van with no windows, and taken into the selected properties blindfolded so they cant see the outside]

This town would have 1 haunted house, and 2 dummy houses. No backstory about the property, they are just turned loose in it for the overnight, then taken out to a RV with the windows blacked out and so forth for 3 nights, covering all 3 properties.

At the end, they have to decide which of the 3 places were haunted, and what the hauntings were just to see what they decided. Then we get to match it up with the claims to see.