Scary Dreams That Don't Sound Scary

I woke up about an hour ago from what was a terrifying nightmare. I logged onto the internet and saw my boyfriend was on AIM and told him what happened. This was our exchange:

BF: “Oh no. Do you want to tell me about it?”
Me: “The earth was attacked by space aliens and I had to protect this little boy from them but the only weapon I had was a flute.”
BF: “Ok, so it’s a rational nightmare.”
Me: “Shut up, it was scary! :)”
BF: “What kind of aliens?”
Me: “Big green aliens and one of them gave me the finger in a menacing manner.”
BF: “I think we’ve found our Halloween costumes! :)”

When I was asleep I was absolutely terrified and I woke up all clammy and frightened. His being silly about it helped me calm down a bit, to be sure, but I hate it when I have a nightmare that, when explained to someone else, encourages laughter instead of sympathy. Does anyone else ever have these kind of dreams?

I once found out, late Thursday night, that one person I’d invited to Friday night dinner was a vegetarian (one of those who doesn’t tell you because they ‘don’t want to inconvenience you’). I desperately threw together an extra vegetarian protein and went to bed well after my usual bedtime. I proceeded to dream that everybody coming to the meal was a vegetarian, and nobody had told me about it, and I ran out of food! I woke up with my heart racing, very upset.

I used to have a dream occasionally involving a spinning chair settling onto sphere.

I have no idea what it might mean or why that might be scary but it was petrifying, screaming, cold sweats, scary shit.

I could tell when I was going to have that dream and would avoid going to sleep as long as could, think about anything else, and pray not to have that dream.

I probably haven’t had it for 20 years and I can remember it like it was yesterday and it pops into my head every few months. Not that I’m going to have it but how scary it is.

Why is a spinning chair scary? I have no idea.

About a week ago I went to bed at 4AM, only to wake up at about 5:30 AM. I have NO clue what I actually dreamed about, but it took me out of reality enough to utterly convince me I had slept 13.5 hours and missed school. I called my mom in a panic, she found it rather funny, I was having a crisis.

Perhaps your purpose in life is to murder all members of the Dadaist movement?

Lately I’ve been having these horrible dreams about what looks like a very ancient city that’s recently been underwater. Sky-flung monoliths drip with green ooze and eldrich unnamed secrets. I approach a giant door, and wake up screaming.


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One night I dreamt that I looked out onto a second story window. There was a baby on the landing. I knew/felt that that baby was evil incarnate.


phil417 that dream sounds terrifying! Not only are you confronted with evil but if you try to destroy it you are at the same time destroying a baby. I would be scared if I dreamed about that too.

I once had a dream that I found twin babies on the side of the road and I picked them up and tried to find their mom but no one believed they weren’t mine. I was 16 at the time and the thought of being forced to raise twins because no one would believe that I didn’t birth them was really frightening.

I dreamed tonight I was being chased by a giant snake. About the width of a bus.

There were three others with me, and we all started running. What makes it uncanny is that it’s as stretch of street in down-town which I know. We ran and ran till finally we get out from the cover into the sun. The giant snake seemed to be vulnerable to bright light. Once we are in the open, we collapsed and looked back.

And the clouds began to gather…

The giant snake probed forward…

And the clouds went away. Sunshine sprang forth and the snake gave a hiss and beat a hasty retreat.

In the same night, I also dreamed of escaping a docked ship where giant killer sharks attack. Question? Do you escape by boat, or do you try to make for the pier and run inland? For some strange reasons, everyone is getting onto life-boats.

I was a part of a group camping trip, possibly with boy scouts. It was night time, and we were all gathered around the fire chatting. Pretty normal so far, except one of the counselors was a T-Rex! He was nice though, and no one seemed to be afraid of him. He even let some of the kids sit in his mouth! Me, I was absolutely petrified. Why wasn’t anyone else terrified of this monstrous dinosaur that was only pretending to be friendly to lull us into a false sense of security? I woke up very edgy and frightened.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I found the dream absurdly funny.

I’m certainly not claustrophobic in any debilitating sense, but I once (in a cave visitor’s centre) tried going through a mockup of a caving “squeeze” ie it was a fibreglass tunnel shaped to replicate a very narrow passage that could actually be found in the cave nearby. I got slightly stuck. I couldn’t wriggle backwards and the passage was so narrow that I couldn’t get my arms in front of me to assist with wriggling forwards. Here’s the thing: the whole top of the exhibit could be taken off so that you could get out very easily. I was in no danger whatsoever. I was well aware of this. But it’s one of the few times in my life I’ve felt seriously panicky.

Even thinking about it while sitting here typing this out gives me the slight freaks. I’m generally into mildly adventurous activities or certainly was when I was younger. But this would seem to be my “Room 101”.

So I have dreams in which I go somewhere very ordinary (like just into the office or whatever) and I’m walking along corridors and going up stairs trying to get somewhere and the passages narrow down further and further till eventually I am in a crawlspace wriggling along inch by inch, at which point I wake up in a panic and a sweat.

My dream:

I am home, alone. I know that there is something awful in the basement. It wants to destroy me. It is a small dog.

I stand, terrified, at the top of the stairs. I look down into the darkness.

I can hear the dog’s nails ticking on the concrete floor below.

I cannot see it. But I can hear it.

And I know that it is a small dog. A terrier, perhaps. Not a large animal.

But evil. A total fucker.

And it wants to destroy me.

I cannot tear my eyes away from the darkness of the descending staircase.

My mother is standing in the kitchen, watching me. Silent. I can see her out of the corner of my eye. I cannot stop looking down the stairs.

Tick-tick-tick. Tick-tick-tick.

Suddenly my blood runs cold. The dog comes into view at the bottom of the stairs.

It is a small dog. Something between a Jack Russell and a Scottie.

It stares at me.

My heart is hammering.

Its eyes burn into me with pure hatred and barely-restrained violence.

It is a small dog.

My family, observing from the kitchen, says nothing.

And then abruptly the small dog comes racing up the stairs toward me its little legs are flying its little mouth is open its tiny teeth glisten my hair stands on end I cannot breathe the dog gets to the doorway and launches itself at me and I wake up screaming.

Seriously. It was a little dog.

Wow, that sounds like you pegged one of your childhood authority figures as a child molester.

In the 80’s I was canoeing on a lake on the Kentucky/Virginia border and I saw a beaver cut down a small tree. Years later I had a nightmare where I was on the lake and surrounded by beavers and they were hacking down trees that kept falling into the water. (I’m sure Freud would have had a lot of fun with that dream)

I know you are a good story-teller, but fucking A man… that scared the piss out of me.

You have nothing to feel ashamed about that dream at least.

I once had a dream where I was on the 3rd floor of my maternal home and it was in the middle of summer.
We had apparently organised a barbecue of some sort because I could look out the windows and see lots of people slowly gathering towards our back-yard, which for some reason was a beautiful green meadow with cows peacefully grazing.

All of a sudden pandemonium starts as the cows go crazy and start trampling people and throwing them up into the air!!
I was scared senseless and quickly jumped into the top-bunk of a bunkbed pulling my duvet up to my chin.
Very slowly the door to my room starts to open with a loud creak.
From the angle I am in I can’t see it.
I look at the foot at my bed and lo and behold : a cow tries to climb into my bed !!
The look in his big, wet eyes just scared the bejeesus out of me.

For some reason when I think of this dream I see a very cartoony cow with a knife held in its mouth like an old pirate movie.

I recently had a baby dream.

Where I was in a parking lot, walking to my car with my family and when we get there and open up my VW Routan (I don’t have a Routan) I remember all of sudden that I just gave birth and had a newborn baby that we forgot in the car! OMG it was awful scary until the babygirl opened her eyes and squirmed, she was sweaty and wrinkly but totally fine. I then I breastfed her. That part was so real, a warm heavy bundle suckling and content. Still it scared the crap out of me.

That was one freaky dream and I can’t shake it from my mind.

Timely thread…just the other night I had a dream that I found out someone in my family was addicted to heroin.

That isn’t so scary except that this relative is a really succesful, together, organized person, normally a pillar of strength for other people to rely on, etc, etc. So in the dream finding out they had such a serious problem was very upsetting.

I dreamed last night that I got lost driving from a desert airport to the nearby city. Doesn’t sound so scary, right? But that’s kind of a phobia of mine–getting lost in a strange place, with no one to set me straight. Fortunately, in the dream, I eventually realized I had a GPS receiver with me to get me back on track.

I had the opposite style dream last night – a non scary dream that sounds scary when talking about it.

I was at a siblings wedding and the dance music started, but I didn’t want to get out there without someone to dance to, but a Palin/Fey lookalike literally dragged me onto the dance floor, so I started to dance, but then she just left! I tried dancing with myself but it wasn’t a good enough song to enjoy doing that.

Whales for some reason terrify me.

I dreamed that I was floating on a couch in the middle of an ocean. When I looked over the side of the couch, deep in the depths below, I could see a whale slowly rising up.

I threw myself back as far as I could into the couch, and when its mouth broke the surface I’d wake up in a ball on my bed.

Horrible horrible horrible… still gives me the willies.