Scary Public Safety Adverts

God, that moaning and twitching she does at the end.

This one, against texting while driving, is seriously disturbing. It goes on for over 4 minutes:

Creepy but kind of pushes it to the point of silliness : The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water

At the 4th of July parade there was a float with an upside down car that I expected to be a DWI PSA but turned out to be about texting. Seems DWT is the new DWI.

So in Australia, tripping on toys is a big problem, I guess?

Seriously, THAT’S the problem that needs a PSA?

Yeah, I guess they’re just clumsy down-under. Here, they look at the bigger picture.

New Zealand:
[li]trip on a toy = you fall into a glass table, and it really sucks[/li][/ul]

[li]fall off a construction plank = you can’t feed your family.[/li][/ul]

From the German forklift safety video it is long, gruesome and hysterical.

There is an English version but the German adds something.

Thiiiink aboouuuuuuuut thiiiiiiiis.

Well, that and a national bathmat shortage.

Canada has a bunch of these; this kitchen slip-and-fall PSA is pretty disturbing. :eek:

being safe is no accident.

This still haunts my dreams, decades later.

We got shown one in school in the 1970s that was aimed at kids who lived in the sticks. (In the UK). I remember it being quite long, with a bunch of children dying in various horrible ways on a farm eg accidentally drinking Paraquat, drowning in a slurry pit, falling into the blades of a tractor-driven plough…

Where can I find Fruit-E-Bars in the US?

I remember a thread a year or four ago about Canadian anti-drug PSA’s which linked to an ad featuring a young couple, the guy accepting money from some fat 40-something guy, his girlfriend crying in their cheap hotel room, obviously after prostituting herself the first time. Wasn’t scary, but very disturbing.

I couldn’t even watch that to the end. Seeing it comming made my stomach go all yurpy.

I think you mean this one. It was Montana actually. There is a whole series of them and they are pretty disturbing.

Yeah, that’s the one. :frowning:

Forget those–the table she fell through is made out of sugar!

What is this I don’t even

Oh my fucking God. Now I can’t stop laughing.