Schadenfreude, movies, and latent violent urges

This issue has indeed been a sore point with me–and others–on this message board, specifically in a post in The BBQ Pit I started years ago about movies.
However, I’m raising a question from the opposite viewpont: The hypothesis that violence, even contrived violence as in movies as on TV, is necessary.
To illustrate this I am using an article I found (of all places) in *MAD, that appeared in about 1971, titled “Get-It-Out-Of-Your-System-Land,” written by Sy Reit and luridly illustrated by George Woodbridge. (I found it in a MAD Special Number 16.) Here is the introduction:
Go to your local newsstand, pick up a newspaper, and what’s the first thing that hits you in the eye? The newsdealer, dummy—because you didn’t pay for the paper! But the next thing will be all those scary headlines about “law and order” and “crime in the streets”! Incidentally, we can’t figure out why there’s so much fuss about “crime in the streets”! Isn’t that where it belongs? Where
should we have crime, for Pete’s sake—inside our houses? Anyway, violence in America is becoming a serious problem. Everyone agrees that something must be done to curb all the crime, rioting, and other forms of mayhem. But we here at MAD think that the Establishment is going about it all wrong. Instead of trying to suppress violence, the powers that be ought to find a nice safe outlet
for it. Let’s face it, people
need ways to express their anti-social urges. And everyone has these secret urges. So why not channel them harmlessly by seeing up a special area where folks can get rid *of these terrible impulses and natural aggressions in completely safe and acceptable ways? How would this work? Well, why not join us as MAD escorts you through uninhibited, satisfying…
(Formatting in original.)
The “abusement park” features attractions such as kicking headstones over, stomping on a white carpet with muddy boots, looting a store, cursing out a cop, sending poison-pen letters and so on.

And my question is: Is this the same kind of anodyne that is such a prominent feature of movies and TV these days? I want to account for this situation and I figured that this equivalent, if it is such, would make it easier to assess movies properly and make them less of a bugaboo.