schedule for Ed Zotti on radio?

EZ does the occasional radio show. Would it be possible for him or one of the staff to post advance notice of any radio (or tv) appearances? I’m sure I’m only one of many who would be interested in this.

(btw, is “appearances” the correct word to use about a radio show?)

Here is a link to a radio interview with Ed Zotti from earlier this year.

I was afraid that someone would mention this interview without including the health warning.

Remember the woman who had seizures when she heard Mary Harts’ voice? (See the ABC News writeup for more details). Well, be warned that this Ed Zotti interview is thirty-five minutes long. It is imperative that you avoid any flickering lights (e.g. CRT screens) if you insist on listening to it. A good precaution would be to wear a blindfold while listening–even better would be good-quality earplugs.