Schilling's latest comments on Bonds & Big Mac.

Here is one ESPN article on it.
Please read the article for full context…

I have to agree with Schilling on this one. I especially like what he said about Jose Canseco and Rafael Palmeiro.

I was happy Big Mac was denied his First Ballot HOF entrance. I hope Bonds suffers from the same treatment. I realize they will both get in eventually, but I do hold out hope that Palmiero might not. In my book, he was a weak candidate despite his numbers.

I got a very good laugh at what Bonds said about Costas. I do not agree, but it was funny.

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Schillings baseball related comments are usually interesting- his Chrisitian themed ones however, are not. In this case he’s obviously exactly right. I heard recently that Bonds has grown three shoe sizes in the last few years- what 40 year old has this happen to them?

Maybe he’s been drinking Mr. Burn’s “nerve tonic” resulting in gigantism, like Ken Griffey Jr. did in Homer At The Bat.

(How’d I forget that one in the other thread about “Top 10 Simpsons Episodes Ever” D’oh!)?

Dr. David Banner?

I tend to disagree with the philosophy “if I accuse you of something, and you don’t defend yourself, then you’re guilty of it.”

But, with the amount of hoopla around it, you’d think Bonds would do something like that. Lance Armstrong would aggressively take on everyone who claimed he used.

The shot against Costas was not only mean, but stupid. Costas knows a lot about baseball.

Schilling’s saying what 100 million people have been saying for years. I’m not sure how much I agree with the “if you don’t sue you must be guilty” approach, but it’s hardly a new opinion. That he’s also a braying ass, so that you hear him a lot, doesn’t impress me.

Schilling is a blowhard and sort of a jerk.

But dammit he’s MY blowhard and jerk.

I rarely disagree with what he says regarding baseball.

It was mean and it was stupid, but this not take away from the fact it still made me laugh. It was such a small-minded insult, that it tells us a lot more about Bonds than Costas.

100 millions fans may have been saying it for years, and I agree Schilling is a braying ass, but how many active professional baseball “Stars” have come straight out and said it?

Would it be worth more if Derek Jeter came out and said it? How about if Greg Maddox did?

I hope a few more stars will get more vocal about it and not just outspoken assholes like Schilling and Wells.


Well, they bowdlerized it a bit - in the actual quote, he referred to Costas as “puny human.”

I don’t necessarily agree with Schilling’s reasoning, but I whole-heartedly agree with his conclusion. Bonds is a juicing asshole who should never be allowed into the Hall of Fame.

I’m still waiting for my meteor strike. Barring that, I want to be in the stands when A-rod passes him in home runs and renders his entire homerun pursuit meaningless.

Even if by some unexpected turn of events, he is still in pinstripes?

I’m glad Schilling did say something. It’s about time somebody did.

As for Schilling himself, Ed Wade put it best:

“Every fifth day, Curt was a horse for us. Every other day, he was a horse’s ass.”


I’ve eventually reached the conclusion that Bonds is an ass, but even so, why would his home run pursuit be meaningless, even if he’s surpassed? It’s still a monumental achievement to pass Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron, it’s still a monumental achievement to hold the all-time home-run crown for any length of time, and it’s still a monumental achievement to be 2nd all-time.

No matter how you cut it, no matter how you loathe the man, Bonds is a legendary player. If he’s eventually proven to be cheating, then he should (and probably will) be banned from the Hall. But he would still be legendary, just a legendary cheat, and his holding the all-time home run crown at all would be a contributing factor.

I’m not defending Bonds, but it’s not unusual for an adult’s feet to get longer and/or wider. Athletic shoe sizes are unpredictable, too, even within the same brand.

This is my favorite commentary on the Bonds story now.

Incidentally, his cup size is doing the exact opposite… :cool:

Yeah, my shoe size went up a notch unexpectedly (and rather quickly) in adulthood, and none of my old shoes fit any more.

I literally spat out my Fanta when I read that. Now there’s orange gunk on my keyboard. :frowning:

A banner reading, “Make Us Relatively Proud, Barry!” :stuck_out_tongue: