School lunch stickers - useful? Can I donate?

Some of my food products come with school lunch stickers. Is there anything useful (to anyone) that I can do with these? Anyone ever donate them? I don’t have kids or really interact with anyone who does.

Well, maybe I am misunderstanding what these are. The one I looked at more closely is for Wowbutter, which is a peanut-free soy nut butter, and the sticker is apparently supposed to be applied to the lunch so that the school will know that no peanuts are being brought to the school.

I thought there were some kinds of school lunch coupons or something that usually come on cereal boxes. Are those useful to collect and donate?

I think you mean the “Box Tops” coupons. They can be redeemed by the school for cash from the manufacturer, which can then be used for anything the school needs.
There has to be a program in place at the school, though, because someone has to fill out the paperwork and send them in. The coupons also have an expiration date.