Sci-Fi and Nazis?

I think this is something I saw on TV, but who knows, it could just be a dream…

You don’t find out until the very end, but some people from the future go back in time to WWII and assume the guise of Jews in a concentration camp. These folks from the future end up dying in place of real prisoners, but it’s okay that they died in a past they don’t belong to (doesn’t really kill them). This was done to let the real prisoners escape and go on to great things. The nazis are none the wiser.

Does this strike any bells with anyone? Outer Limits (the newer version) or something along those lines, maybe? I know it’s not the Devil’s Arithmetic, though something similar happens there, since I saw that very recently.

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s The Tribunal episode from The New Outer Limits.

This will probably sound like the stupidest thing ever, but I saw the episode you mention… in a different room than the one I’m talking about. Beyond that, however, the one I’m thinking of had a group of time travelers, not just the one or two.

I hate to admit that I even know anything about it, but it sounds a little like a two-part episode of, wince, Galactica 1980

The time travel episodes did involve Xavier trying to build an atomic bomb for the Nazis and Troy, Dylan, & Jamie trying to stop him. They did run into a train carrying Jews destined for the death camps, but were able to free them because the Nazis were distraced by D-Day.

Thanks, but I’ve never watched any incarnation of Galactica, and in 1980 I was three. Whatever this was, I saw it within the last 3-5 years.