Sci Fi TV; What else can we recycle?

The Sci Fi Channel did this brillantly with Battlestar Gallactica. Take the known property and boil it down. Remove the cheese. And what do you get? An exceptional drama about humanity hanging by it’s fingertips.

Now boil Flash Gordon down. Remove the cheese. And what do you get? A dull tale about a moma’s boy’s struggle against Ming the Mildly Distempered.

Flash just isn’t fertile enough ground to make a show around. But what can be reinvinted? What should be the next Battlestar Gallactica?

It’s About Time?

I disagree with your premise. They did not “boil flash down.” They clearly did not understand the appeal of the original series which is thrilling wonder science stories. It is a genre that was reinvented brilliantly in the 1970s by a certain George Lucas. There’s a reason for that type scrolling into the distance at the beginning of each movie …

That said, they pretty much have rurnt Flash Gordon for the time being, barring unforeseen developments.

Another property that could be recycled would be “John Carter of Mars.” The nice thing about it is, no “boiling it down” necessary. Just by staying true to the original story, you could seem very original. I doubt if a whole lot of people have actually read the original novels, and I don’t think it’s ever been made into a movie or a TV series. So it would all seem new to most. Best of all, the early novels are more than 75 years old. Public domain. Very cheap. Very SciFi in short.

Plan 10 From Outer Space: The Series

No, that’s gonna need a prequel. “Plan 7 From Outer Space: The Begining”

Said it before, and I’ll say it again. The world needs a new Greatest American Hero.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a reimagined Buck Rogers. The premise of the 70’s series was awesome…until the third episode. At the end of the first episode, Buck was recruited because he was an unknown element in the 25th century, a century in which everything was quantified and his unique status would make him an ideal spy. Second episode kinda used it, and then he went off on adventures with Gary Coleman and Isaac Asimov’s great great great great grandson. Man, what a waste.

Although nothing wrong with Erin Grey…

And ***Flash Gordon * ** can be made almost watchable if they’d only add the Queen music. I mean, come on, they already bought the rights to play it for the commercials…would it kill them to get some hardcore “Flash! Ah-ah!” to get the blood pumping at the start?

But speaking of reimaginings, I’m getting truly excited about Tin Man.

A dark, edgy Small Wonder. Jamie, after years of guilt over his family’s explotiation of Vicky, has fallen victim to a bad drug habit and is terrified of real girls - but this doesn’t keep him from using Vicky himself. Harriet, now a lawyer, tries to keep him out of jail in a misguided attempt to get the boy next door; the best she can hope for is to seduce him when he’s high, but he never remembers their encounters which make them empty for her. Vicky, of course, is working cons to support Jamie’s crack habit, because no one suspects a child of stealing from them.

The original premise of Knight Rider was largely wasted: a dying billionaire with access to DARPA-level technology saves a man from death at the hands of the Powers That Be and recruits him to be a sort of vigilante James Bond, bringing to justice those whose power and connections put them beyond the reach of the law. Halfway through the first season though, Michael Knight had sunk to targeting smugglers and toxic waste dumpers. :rolleyes:

If I were writing the remake, I’d be truer to the original premise, possibly having Knight fighting a war against a SPECTRE-type cabal. Instead of KITT being comic relief, I’d have him be a quasi-sentient AI program just beginning to form it’s own personality and sense of self. The car itself wouldn’t be magically invulnerable but would be like Bond’s gimmick-filled cars.

The SciFi channel should remake V. Human looking aliens who are skilled in middle management could come to Earth to steal our water. :dubious:

David Eick, one of the producers of the new Battlestar Galactica, is bringing back Bionic Woman this fall for NBC. I expected the OP to mention it, but since it didn’t I figured I’d throw it out.

Not science fiction, but I’d bring back Hogan’s Heroes, retitled Hassan’s Heroes and set in Guantanamo.

The original premise of Knight Rider was a joke about a show called “The Man of Six Words”, about a man who talked and acted very little, with the car doing all the rest. Luckily they at least added quite a bit to that, though your concept sounds pretty interesting.

I’d love to see the cast of Heroes get into some far-fetched adventures à la The Misfits of Science.

ArizonaTeach, amen. Amen to everything. But just for shits and giggles, imagine Freddy Mercury singing “A Wing and a Prayer”.

That’d kick ass wouldn’t it?
And I can’t wait for Tin Man. Oz is some very fertile ground to make a show around.

I was going to make this same suggestion. Make it a realistic “life on occupied Earth” drama - alien rulers, human underground, resistance vs collaboration, terrorism vs reprisals, etc.

Blakes 7
Some may argue that Firefly was already an attempt to do a remake of this classic 70s British show, however.

Mr Merlin
I’m not sure if anyone even remembers this show, but the idea of a wizard in modern times training an apprentice could be handled a lot better than it was originally.

The Invisible Man
I’m not sure how to best improve it, but it’s worth a try.

They did this with the “War of the Worlds” series that was on in the mid-late 90’s - at the beginning, it was about the attempts to thwart the invasion, then I missed a few and came back to an occupied version of it (with Adrian Paul) - our local stations really screwed up the airtimes - but what I saw of it it was an excellent show.

I agree that Tin Man looks real good - which means its likely doomed.

[QUOTE=GuanoLadThe Invisible Man
I’m not sure how to best improve it, but it’s worth a try.[/QUOTE]
It’s funny that you would mention that, because they already did it. The Invisible Man (2000-2002). The show was actually pretty good, too. They killed it before its time, though.

How about Space: 1999 (Changing the year, of course)?



I just can’t see that.

“Tin Man” is a mini-series, so unless they yank it after the first ep they’d be hard-pressed to doom it.

I’ve thought for a long while that a new Bionic series would be a good thing. I liked the originals but they suffer from 70s pacing and effects. There is a new Bionic Woman series coming this fall, and Logo is putting together something called, I shit you not, “The Gayonic Man” which is going to be wretched. I had envisioned, though, more of a team series with a small group of bionic agents.

Now I’m trying to decide whether a remake of “Voyagers!” would be a good thing.

A friend of mine is a television critic, and has seen the pilot. He says that The Bionic Woman is Batttlestar Galatica-good.