Scientific name for boogers

A “booger” is a dried piece of nasal mucus (snot), as opposed to the more slimy liquidy snot. But is there an actual scientific/medical term for boogers?

Dried nasal mucous?

Sorry for the double post, but Tapatalk sucks ass. I wanted to add that dried nasal mucous is all I’ve ever heard it called. Even my doc calls 'em boogers.

Yep, “dried nasal mucus” is it, as far as I know.


snot rock


Band name!

"I almost forgot, fellow babies: BOOGER!"

The surgeon who did my sinus surgery solemnly informed me that the scientific term for them was “boogers”. He had a slight smile as he said this though.

A more Latin-derived name is necessary for further scientific and medical inquiry. How have we gone without for so long?

Yes, this. I was going to suggest rhino calculus, but I see that is actually something else. For reals!

nose candy

Think she might be on to something. Piggybacking off of this, boogers resemble the Nerds candy. What about nose nerds? Well, unless it’s a gooey one, then it’s more like a chewy nerds.

Mucus is a noun; mucous is an adjective. So the stuff that comes out of your nose is mucus but the lining of your nose is a mucous membrane.

A similar pair is phosphorus/phosphorous.

Nose Gems
Nostril Nuggets

'lil cherub chewables

Finger food.

There is a Boogers candy.

And I’m done.

Hey hibernicus, quit being hoity toity.

Jelly Belly also makes booger flavored jelly beans.