SciFi channel's growing list of good stuff

My roommates and I are all geeks.

Stop laughing, I know it isn’t a surprise. But I want to make sure you all understand where I come from.

In any case, most of our TV time is spent on the Sci Fi channel for Star Gate SG1 and watching the commercials for shows like Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and EarthSea.

It’s very cool to see Sci Fi flourishing as it is.

Anything else you all are looking forward to?

Oh it won’t last, I can assure you.

They’ll figure out some way to destroy all those shows.

Heh. :slight_smile:

I actually just got back from a friend’s house, where we watched the 2-hour Stargate SG-1 season premiere together. We’re looking forward to the premiere of Stargate Atlantis next week. And I was very, VERY happy to see the promo for the upcoming Farscape mini-series! I’ve really missed that show.

I didn’t like the promo for Earthsea…but then, it didn’t say much, except to imply some sort of Atlantis storyline. Meh.

i wish theyd do more lexx… i loved that show.

Well, they really screwed up Riverworld; God knows what they’ll do with Earthsea. And I understand they’ve got their grubby paws on Nine Princes in Amber.

I liked Lexx, but unless the do a final movie, I think they should let it rest. Kai is gone and he was half the fun. The last season was…funny but disappointing.

It had a good run and now it should rest in peace, rather then risk it getting rather crappy like so many shows do that started good and then ran for far too long(CoughSimpsonsXfilesCough)

Scare Tactics…Absoulute Funniest! but gotta dump Shannon…

I just can’t wait to see the M. Night bio…I hear that he’s really a Freemason vampire.
What? There is no bio?

Done and done.

Stephen Baldwin takes over as host in the fall.

:: raises hand ::

definitely looking forward to the Earthsea mini-series. The trilogy was a favorite of mine in middle school and hearing that Sci Fi is adapting it makes me want to re-read the books in anticipation.