Scooby Dooby Censorship! Jinkies! has the full story.

Damn it all, that’s the only reason I was going to watch this movie. Velma has been my dyke role model for years!

I would just LOVE to know the context of said kiss, because it seems that everything I’ve read is playing up Velma rather than Daphne’s sexuality. Anyone able to find that bit of info?

Let’s hear it for whitewashing and straightening up. Jinkies!

I’m just going to sit here and stare at you for awhile. :wink:

Oh, please do. It’s the best offer I’ve had all day.

Zoinks, I say. What a waste indeed.

Too provocative? Too provocative for whom? They can’t possibly think that kids are going to go see this thing – it’s all for us old people who grew up with Scoob and the crew of the Mystery Machine. Possibly the best scene in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was the one in the van!

I can’t believe anyone at all is going to see this film. Of any age group. ::shudder::

“You know, that little lesbian chick is kind of hot!”

True, but there will inevitably be some parent who thinks it’s specifically for the 6-year-old crowd (and, IMO, would it kill a 6-year old to see a lesbo kiss in the right context?), just the way parents thought The Simpsons, Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill and SouthPark were for kids (I mean, they’re cartoons, right???) and then made a big stink about how their kid learned to say !@#$%&?! because of Cartman…

…and then there’ll be a lawsuit. :rolleyes:

Um, Scooby is actually very popular with kids. Go figure.


How do you say !@#$%&?!, BTW?

My daughter loves Scooby-Doo. Even she thinks the movie will be dumb, and she’s four.

That said, I’ve always preferred Velma to Daphne. She always seemed so… vapid.

Daphne being the vapid one, that is…

From everything I’ve heard, the movie is very kiddie-fied. In other words, it’s aimed for the kids, who really do like Scooby (endlessly rerun on Cartoon Network), and adults probably won’t enjoy it. I’m surprised that they filmed such a kiss in the first place, much less that they attempted to include it in the movie.

From Coming Attractions’ page here

Bolding mine.

They’ll put it on the DVD tho’. And this movie is going to rock, I really like the trailer.

I’m a Scooby Fan, so sue me.


I can’t believe how much advertising this film’s getting.

(Then again, I couldn’t imagine a Brady Bunch movie, either)

Scooby’s weird - I like the whole gestalt deal, but I haven’t liked a single episode or Scooby project ever.

I may go just to see that guy do Shaggy for the whole movie - he looks pretty good.

Bummer I won’t get to see SMG doing a same sex kiss.

Sometimes when a movie is a real stinker, they advertise the hell out of it in hopes of reaping a decent first weekend before word of mouth gets out. There have been a lot of really awful movies that have been heavily promoted lately.

This doesn’t mean that this is one of those cases (but it’s the way to bet, based on what I’ve seen in the previews).