I have this paper to write for an international class and I was wondering if any of you dopers could provide some information. Here are some questions:

  1. Describe economic, regulatory or other conditions that have impacted Scotlands’ attractiveness for foreign investment or importation of foreign goods and services during the last two years.

  2. How would you go about seeking a job in Scotland?

  3. Which Scottish industries are expected to grow during the next few years and why?

Sorry, the Teeming Millions is not in the habit of helping people with their homework. We prefer that sudents search for their own answers. With all sorts of information now available on the Net, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

BTW: should anyone provide you with answers anyway, you might want to verify them. Some of us are in the habit of supplying misinformation in the guise of providing homework help.

Just to clarify a bit: We will generally provide help with homework assignments. We will not, however, do it for you. If anyone knows of useful resources to recommend to jjjfishe, feel free to post them, but just saying “Scotland’s major industries are A, B, and C” probably won’t be too helpful.

Thanks, Chronos. That was the point I was trying to make.

Try the Scottish Executive Website for political/regulatory issues:

You could also try the UK Department of Trade and Industry and Her Majesty’s Treasury ( and

Try a British online news service for the rest. has good business and economics coverage.